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Hello World.

August 28, 2008



I thought I would get the embarrassing stuff out of the way.

We're so much cuter than this in real life, but I thought I would get the embarrassing stuff out of the way early.




Dear Marc,

Do you think people will be as interested in what we talk about as we are?  I like to think that we have something to say.  Even perhaps, something that others would like to hear too.  If not, at least we’ll get to talk to each other more!  I think this blog will give us a great opportunity to chat like we used to.  Before I moved from Chicago to LA and ruined everything (I know you’re thinking it).  We can share new music, trashy gossip, the latest fashion disasters and our daily adventures.  I’m excited to keep you updated on all my travels and the people I encounter on the road and in Los Angeles. You can send me real time updates on all of our shows (since you get everything two hours before me) and the happenings from up and down Halsted St.  It will be fun!

I’ve tried to start a blog three times before and was never able to stick with it.  You might have to prod me a little sometimes.  You know, convince me that posting something is more important than a third margarita on Thursday night.  I will, in turn, lead you away from admitting any potentially embarrassing crushes.  It’s my reputation too, you know.  

So here’s to our inaugural post.  May we be consistent, long lasting and someday generate some serious ad dollars!