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July 29, 2009

This is the kind of stuff I would call Jamie about. Only she would grasp the shear genius and absurdity at the same time. 😦



July 21, 2009

Hi guys,

Been trying to come up with the emotional energy to post on this blog without my best girl at my side,  but logging on last night after a few months of avoidance showed that you are still reading and loving our baby. Really warms my heart that everyone who Jamie touched can still come here for memories, and those who didn’t can learn more about her and hopefully bring a smile.

Jamie, Brad and Marc

Jamie, Brad and Marc

Since her passing, her family and friends have all stayed in touch to get us all through this. She would have been so pissed if we all drifted apart without her. We all have plans to get together at Xmas as we always did, plus there’s talk of the us all co-hosting a picnic next year as a Friends of Jamie reunion to remember her and maybe raise money for an as-yet-determined charity. We’ll keep you posted.

And I will try to post on here as I can. Still very hard to come here, but I hope she’s reading the blog along with you. Please keep the comments coming on my posts, but more importantly to Jamie. I know she’s out there.