__________ Birthday…


I still don’t think Jamie’s passing has sunk in 100% with me. It’s like there’s a small damn holding back big water. So today being the first birthday of Jamie’s for which she’s not here to celebrate is a dull pain in my heart that I just don’t know what to do with. Sorta like the feeling of being constantly being flicked in the back of your head vs. just getting sucker punched.

So with no clue how I’m supposed to pass the day, here’s a song, our favorite way to express to each other what we want to say. This song has become, in my head, our posthumous song.

My heart is with the Tinnon’s, Scudder, Dordek’s and everyone in her chosen family too.


7 Responses to “__________ Birthday…”

  1. Chad Says:

    After I read this I put on some Bowie. Jamie always pushed her love of Bowie on me. 🙂

  2. Kendra Says:

    This song pretty much sums it up for alot of people close to her and people who never met or got to really know her…and wished they had. All I can do is a let out a big sigh, shake my head and ask why? I try everyday to think about Jamie’s passing and live the day without sweating the small the stuff and just ‘live’ in the moment. I guess I can take solace in that her passing helps me try to be a better person, friend, wife and mom…because life is too short and we all take it for granted that we will be here tomorrow.

  3. Stacy Says:

    Well done sir…well done.

  4. Janet Tinnon Says:

    I know that flick on the head and ache but today the damn burst once again….I think she would love this song and I think that it is perfect for her… Love to you Marc. XOXOX

    God how I miss her.

    Mom T

  5. David Says:

    I know Jamie was special to you, Marc. So, remember as long as you -and all of us, for that matter – remember her, she’s never gone. She lives in all she touched, she rooted for those who could feel the weight of the world and she laughed in the face of anyone who doubted her magnificent powers.

    I carry her in my heart, because I need too. You carry on her memory because she chose you to do it.

    And I cannot think of a better person to do it. Besides, she would kick your ass if didn’t. But in a good way!



  6. Adventures In Babywearing Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jamie.


  7. Amy Says:

    will be thinking of jamie today.



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