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This Year’s Model: I Wish You’d Met Her

December 19, 2009

links to download this 3 CD set are below

I’ve been doing a year end double CD wrap up now for 10 years. Jamie was always my biggest fan and drove me to do this every year even when I was running off 40 copies will full album art, taking 3 weeks to finish. So its only fitting that as I go from CD to uploading digital, I’d post it on me and Jamie’s blog. I know somewhere she’s listening, loving (Kings of Leon, Other Lives, Norwegian Recycling) and questioning (not sure how Lady Gaga was going over with her) but appreciating the effort and letting me know. I will miss many things about my love, but one of the biggest was her mutual love of music.

The photo for the CD cover was taken the night before she left us and we said when we saw it on the LED screen (more…)