Too big for Twitter…

May 5, 2009 by

Hi Jamie,

Tomorrow’s the day. I’ll actually be going ORD to LAX. And what a week we’ll have! I’m in that mood where I can’t sleep because so excited. So, I have a few things to get off my chest. Too big for Twitter, just right for ORD to LAX.

1. Media, stop paying attention to Heidi and Spencer. I put up with the age of faux celebs like Shauna Moakler and Paris Hilton. They have there own charm, and have faded. But I’m repulsed by news media who half make fun of Spidey and half show every photo of them they pose for. Every moment of their fake love is staged by an intricate web of pap phone tree calls. Do you not get it, media? You’re being taken for a ride by them, and the belief that America cares. No one cares. No one. Find me one fan. I dare you. So just stop it and they’ll go away. I hate them so much, they not only don’t get a link, but no pic as well. Here’s a photo of fighting kittens instead. kittens...fighting

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Sweet sweet Mead

May 2, 2009 by

Hi Jamie,


I know you’re overseas right now, so you might not read this till about the time I’m in LA next week, but I just had to tell you I’m having a David Mead day. I don’t know if its because it’s a perfect Chicago Saturday afternoon and his music just flows over your mind like a ray of sunshine, or because he’s sort of “our” guy, but I’m loving him from back to front today. 

Remember how we came across him? Picture it. Schuba’s. 1999. Chicago. I still remember fondly when you and I worked together for Borders Events and Marketing, and Randy at BMG asked us to help out their newest artist David Mead. We didn’t know who he as but as soon as we saw he was a cute red-head with pop rock chops, we were on board! I still have the David Mead/Mead notebook style promotional CD for his debut The Luxury of Time

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Listen to Him…He’s Oldish.

April 20, 2009 by


I loved that you came right out and owned your maturity.  Finally.  I’ve been telling you how old you are for years now.

All kidding aside, you were spot on.  The older I get, the more I realize how unimportant most of the crap we worry about is.  Do people like me?  Do they want to hear what I have to say?  Am I cute enough?  Am I desirable enough?  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a person could go crazy.  So, I say, fuck it.  Do what makes you happy.  Unless pleated pants make you happy.  In that one small case, do what makes me happy.  Everything else is yours.

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Travel Stress

April 17, 2009 by


I was writing this for my travel log over at Tumblr, but I thought you would appreciate my fashionista dilemma too.

My Battered Yellow Suitcase

My Battered Yellow Suitcase

You know I’m a packing ninja.  I have this shit down to a science.  Very rarely does a trip come along and take me off my game.  Next week I’m leaving for a two week trip.  A doozy. Three places while I’m gone; New York, Paris and Ireland.  Distinctly different styles.  Working in New York, lounging in Paris and hoofing it in Ireland.  It’s stressing me out.  What am I going to wear in all three places?

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You’re On Notice: Volume One: American Idol.

April 16, 2009 by

Hi Lady,

I’ve been really getting down about the state of TV today. Have you noticed? Not much on any more. Even the shows I’ve loved and supported because of their outstanding creativity have stopped trying (c’mon Ugly Betty!). Now it seems I’ve reached my limit with the King of Kings. American Idol, you’re on notice. 

I took this on the Season 1 Red Carpet!

I took this on the Season 1 Red Carpet!

Now, you know I have been a freakish  AI fan from day one. Remember me surprise calling you from the Kodak Theater on the night Kelly Clarkson won? I saved the tickets, the glossy from the red carpet (signed by all but Kelly and Justin) and the confetti. Then I framed it. Yes. You know it. And I hung it on a wall. With a nail. then i moved out of that house and its still there, but whatever. 


And my love for the show has ebbed and flowed, out and out missing the Carrie Underwood year after the nightmarish Fantasia win, but I came back. Yes, I sat there an watched Taylor Hicks win (why America, why??). But out of it rose Daughtry. And I liked it. And last year the dueling David’s actually had me a bit torn. Good stuff.  But this year, all the contestants are so <meh> <shrug> that the chinks in the show’s armor are showing. I need to get it off my chest.

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Listen to me. I’m old(ish).

April 10, 2009 by

Hey Jamie,

I was saving this post for September when I hit the big 4 – 0, but I’ve learned with writing, if you’re feeling it, get it on paper, or whatever this is. 

me...90' i miss it?

me...90' i miss it?

I’ve spent a good chunk of prime thinking time this year consumed with growing older. What it means, how to adjust, and what not being in my 30’s will mean. There’s some good, some not good. But I thought, as someone almost a decade younger than me, you, Andy, my man and all my younger friends might benefit from some things I’ve noticed.

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This is For Your Own Good

April 8, 2009 by

Dear Marc,

I’m going to take the time I usually use to talk to you and address the women of the world.  I’m sorry that you have to share me, but I feel like this needs to be done.


GAH!  Skinny, beautiful girls can't do it either.

GAH! Don't feel bad. Skinny, beautiful girls can't do it either.

Stop wearing inappropriate pants.  I know I’m not perfect.  I’m not.  I make fashion mistakes just like everyone else.  Actually, probably more than most people, because of the risks I’m willing to take.  There is nothing wrong with trying something, going for it and falling on your face.  It’s good for us.  You are not the women I’m talking to.  I’m talking about people who consistently make the SAME mistake and don’t take notice.  From this moment on, there is no excuse for you doing the following things:

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Catching Up

April 7, 2009 by

Hey Jamie,

So sorry we’ve been out of touch this past week. I’ve been so crazed with work and social things, I’ve not had time. But I promise, fun postings are abound. I know we need to do a post about fucked up things American’s think looks good, tragic Facebook faux pas, and I’ve been dying to do another music post about bands/artists I’m officially tired of pushing on my friends since I’m the ONLY person who apparently will ever love them. 

What else? 



P.S. Super excited to come visit you in LA in May!!! Rob Lindley may be out there too!

Commercial Break for your bush

March 27, 2009 by

I had to watch this commercial twice before I could believe that they were telling American women what their bushes should look like.  Just to spell it out, every “topiary” represents a different muff shape. The traditional triangular shape is the big reveal. 

How do you feel about this. I kinda love it!

I guess I’m with the band

March 26, 2009 by

Hey Jamie,

So jealous of you going to SXSW. I want to hear more. I want to live vicariously through you going to all the best festivals and see all the right bands before they’re big…like I used to before I sold packaging. Oh well, maybe we can do Lollapalooza together this year. I did see one show this week. 

katy-perry-cherry-chapstickI just got back from…Katy Perry’s show at House of Blues. She was fun, entertaining, and adorable. And House of Blues was the usual shit storm it always is. Overpriced drinks, angry rude security and the worst worst sound of any Chicago venue. Its been this way since it opened, and no one seems to care.

But that’s not the first thing on my mind tonight. Katy’s band was the one grabbing my attention. They were unbelievably good. Really good. Like Kings of Leon kind of good. Way too good to be backing Katy Perry (no offense Katy, your great). Which got me thinking of something that’s crossed my mind before at pop shows…what do these guys say to other rockers when Read the rest of this entry »