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This Year’s Model: I Wish You’d Met Her

December 19, 2009

links to download this 3 CD set are below

I’ve been doing a year end double CD wrap up now for 10 years. Jamie was always my biggest fan and drove me to do this every year even when I was running off 40 copies will full album art, taking 3 weeks to finish. So its only fitting that as I go from CD to uploading digital, I’d post it on me and Jamie’s blog. I know somewhere she’s listening, loving (Kings of Leon, Other Lives, Norwegian Recycling) and questioning (not sure how Lady Gaga was going over with her) but appreciating the effort and letting me know. I will miss many things about my love, but one of the biggest was her mutual love of music.

The photo for the CD cover was taken the night before she left us and we said when we saw it on the LED screen (more…)


I guess I’m with the band

March 26, 2009

Hey Jamie,

So jealous of you going to SXSW. I want to hear more. I want to live vicariously through you going to all the best festivals and see all the right bands before they’re big…like I used to before I sold packaging. Oh well, maybe we can do Lollapalooza together this year. I did see one show this week. 

katy-perry-cherry-chapstickI just got back from…Katy Perry’s show at House of Blues. She was fun, entertaining, and adorable. And House of Blues was the usual shit storm it always is. Overpriced drinks, angry rude security and the worst worst sound of any Chicago venue. Its been this way since it opened, and no one seems to care.

But that’s not the first thing on my mind tonight. Katy’s band was the one grabbing my attention. They were unbelievably good. Really good. Like Kings of Leon kind of good. Way too good to be backing Katy Perry (no offense Katy, your great). Which got me thinking of something that’s crossed my mind before at pop shows…what do these guys say to other rockers when (more…)

Crush of the Moment: Michael DiMartino aka captainl0ver

March 24, 2009

Hey Jamie


Big day for the blog. We hit an all time high in daily readers, and we’ve got our first live subject for Crush of the Moment, internet sensation “captainl0ver“, known by day as Michael DiMartino.

I found Mike’s videos the other day on YouTube while not looking for Semi-nude guys on Wii Fit.  He does a vlog on YouTube, but the real draw is his personal versions of pop hits. Yes, I know that a cute boy with a webcam has been there before: 1000 imitations of Single Ladies and Umbrella, but Mike’s are different. He does his own original productions using sign language. And he doesn’t rip off other’s ideas. He does his own choregraphy (quite well I might add…and occasionally shirtless) while signing for the hearing impaired. And he totally pulls it off. Here are his takes on Disturbia and Womanizer.


A quick list of Marc’s 2008 singles

January 3, 2009

Hey Jamie,

Until we have time to do a real post on our favorites of 2008, I wanted to show you the track list to my year end best of CD. This year I did it in digital. I’ve uploaded a few of the obscure ones to this post if you want to download them. 




  1. In This Life – Delta Goodrem best pop song of the year
  2. How Many Words (Dave Aude Club Mix) – Blake Lewis
  3. Just Dance – Lady Gaga
  4. I Could Fall In Love With You (Jeremy Wheatley Mix) – Erasure
  5. Miracle Cure (feat. Bernard Sumner) – Blank & Jones
  6. Ice Box-(Omarion Cover)-Frankmusik
  7. Call the Shots (Tony Lamezma Club Mix) – Girls Aloud possibly best remix if the year.
  8. I Won’t Be Crying (Extended Version) – Infernal best use of Depeche Mode sample
  9. Closer (StoneBridge Radio Edit) Ne-Yo
  10. Let Me Think About It – Ida Corr & Fedde Le Grand
  11. You’ve Changed (Original Mix) – Lauren Flax feat Sia
  12. Tug Of War- Colton Ford most unexpectedly good George Michael impression by a former gay porn star.
  13. Love Lockdown – Kanye West
  14. Elif – Marc Romboy
  15. Your Love (The Outfield cover)- Katy Perry
  16. Unusual You – Britney Spears
  17. Done Done – Frankmusik
  18. Clowns – Goldfrapp
  19. We Are The People – Empire Of The Sun
  20. Spiralling – Keane great comeback album after bad 2nd CD.
  21. Spider Rotation – Mono in VCF
  22. Strange Overtones – David Byrne and Brian Eno
  23. Sour Times-Bryn Christopher amazing Portishead cover!!
  24. Disco Lies – Moby
  25. Black And Gold – Sam Sparro
  26. Williams Blood (Aeroplane remix) – Grace Jones
  27. Jailer – Asa
  28. Not A Love Song – Uh Huh Her
  29. Changes – Van She
  30. FEBRUARY: michelle (again) – Local H best breakup CD ever!!
  31. It Was A Rose – Dead Confederate best band of the year.
  32. Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon
  33. Shattered – O.A.R.
  34. Box Full O’ Honey – Duran Duran
  35. U want me 2 (Radio Remix) – Sarah McLachlan
  36. Let’s Start A Band – Amy MacDonald
  37. The Real Damage – Frank Turner
  38. Ghost – Billie the Vision & the Dancers
  39. Down by the River – David Rhodes this song was done like 10 years ago but just released as bonus tracks from Peter Gabriel’s US.
  40. How Six Songs Collide – Norwegian Recycling best mashup ever
  41. Apologize (Feat. One Republic) – Timbaland tired? yes.
  42. Again – Jon Foreman
  43. This Is Me You’re Talking To –  Trisha Yearwood
  44. If He Should Ever Leave You – Tom Jones

Wish is really the best Cure album. I’m just saying

December 1, 2008

Hi Jamie,


Sometimes we just need someone to confirm our beliefs and after years of Disintegration and Pornography pandering, finally, someone agrees with me. I was talking to my friend Adam tonight about 90’s alt stuff, and asked him what his favorite Cure CD is, an lo and behold, Wish. No one has ever agreed with me on that one. Even you, who, while you know its brilliant, still love Disintegration more. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s in my top 5 Cure CDs for sure (Wish, Kiss, and Head are still over it), but I’m just sayin’, I now have evidence that I’m not the only Wish guy. Not going to delve to deep into this as this is not a music blog, I just had to vent. 

Next up, I’m going to admit that the best Smiths album is Queen is Dead (Kelly you were always right), Violator is the best Depeche CD, and Prince stopped being brilliant after Sign O The Times.

MP3 for you: Matthew, Suzanna, Lindsey!

November 21, 2008

Hey Jamie,


Stevie Nicks, Walter Egan and Lindsey Buckingham

Stevie Nicks, Walter Egan and Lindsey Buckingham



I have a real post coming this weekend, really, but for now–I got this track yesterday of Matthew Sweet, Suzanna Hoffs and Lindsey Buckingham doing Walter Egan’s Magnet and Steel. If you don’t know the original by title, you’ll surely know it when you hear them sing it. If still no, go ask your husband since we share that same love for 70’s soft rock. 

Magnet and Steel mp3

(right click to download)

Interesting sidenote, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks wrote this for Walter Egan during their heyday.

Trapped indoors with a fabulous CD player, Volume 1…

October 10, 2008

…since Desert Island Disc listing are so cliche! I mean, if you were on a desert island, if there were any left, how would you plug your damned player in. Really!

I just got the new Keane and Dead Confederate CDs today and both were revelations. Keane, because its so good it made me remember how brilliant the first CD, Hopes and Dreams was, and DC because every once in a while you hear an artist new to you and they make that perfect CD that renews your faith in music, just like many folks see Nirvana’s Nevermind (which I think is an overrated piece of crap). So, here’s 5 CDs that really made me prick up my ears and love music again:

Purple Rain-Prince and the Revolution: I was deep into my Michael Jackon and Judas Priest phase at 14 years old when I heard When Doves Cry on the radio on a family trip. It was the first time I let myself be challenged by what the notion of pop music was and get into the weirdness of this incredibly creative song. One month later I was at WalMart the day it came out and was forced to choose between the Jacksons new album and Purple Rain. I made the right choice. Michael was never good again, and Prince was my world for the next 10 years. After he dumped Wendy and Lisa, I quickly realized they were his weirdness, and he became a cheap imitation of himself. I’m still hoping he pulls his head out of his Jehova Witness ass and gets odd again.

David Sylvian’s Secrets of the Beehive still sounds as vital and new as it did 20 years ago. A precursor to Peter Gabriel and Talk Talk’s later output, this album is like no other ever made. You really just can’t compare his vocals and intricate instrumentation to any out there before or since. This is one of those CDs I can’t understand why EVERYONE doesn’t own. Its shear beauty on disc. He put so much thought into this, the world should have collectively thanked him. But only a handful of us crazy Sylvian fans took notice. Take a listen, and trust me on this one. Great autumn music Listen on lastfm

Kylie Minogue-Light Years. I wasn’t big on pure pop at the time, and certainly had lost track of Ms Minogue over the years, but one night while working at Borders Clark and Diversey in Chicago, I saw the cover of her LTD Edition version with remixes and thought “well, if its crap, I’m gay enough to like the remixes”. And while the remixes were actually kind of crap, Light Years proved to be a brilliant shiny listen all the way through. Instead of pops usual drum machine/keyboard throw aways, real thought was put into this album. Its just a great feel good CD, and it got me looking into other overseas pop which still stands up today. Also see: Robbie Williams The Ego Has Landed.

That’s it for now. More later. I just felt really inspired by those 2 new fantastic recordings. What are yours?

Love love,


Marc’s Music Vault 3

October 4, 2008
sandie shaw put through Smithsvision

sandie shaw put through Smithsvision

After 25 years in the British music industry, chanteuse Sandie Shaw got a career revival by signing to the old Smiths label Rough Trade and working with Moz and Marr plus the Waterboys, Lloyd Cole and other 80’s hipsters.

I’m posting a little out of print nugget, a b-side to one of her UK singles, Jeane.

Jeane – Sandy Shaw

Jeane was a lost little Smiths song from their early sessions that ended up on the single to This Charming Man, but not on any Smiths albums. It also made an appearance on Billy Bragg’s Peel Sessions CD, but I decided to post this one due to the great back-up by Morrissey on the latter half of the song.

While her 60’s output doesn’t hold up to Petula Clark, Dionne Warwick or Cilla Black, her 80’s tracks are worth a review if you can find them.