Too big for Twitter…


Hi Jamie,

Tomorrow’s the day. I’ll actually be going ORD to LAX. And what a week we’ll have! I’m in that mood where I can’t sleep because so excited. So, I have a few things to get off my chest. Too big for Twitter, just right for ORD to LAX.

1. Media, stop paying attention to Heidi and Spencer. I put up with the age of faux celebs like Shauna Moakler and Paris Hilton. They have there own charm, and have faded. But I’m repulsed by news media who half make fun of Spidey and half show every photo of them they pose for. Every moment of their fake love is staged by an intricate web of pap phone tree calls. Do you not get it, media? You’re being taken for a ride by them, and the belief that America cares. No one cares. No one. Find me one fan. I dare you. So just stop it and they’ll go away. I hate them so much, they not only don’t get a link, but no pic as well. Here’s a photo of fighting kittens instead. kittens...fighting

2. Why are you (America) not watching Better Off Ted (watch free episodes)? It’s just stunningly funny. Portia DeRossi owns this show which is a cross between Arrested Development and The Office and Pushing Daisies. Trust me on this one. Cannot tell you what skill goes into the writing, direction and acting of each episode. Don’t let this fail. Try it, you’ll like. 

3. Kara is signed on for a new season of American Idol…and so far Paula is not. I’m just sayin’. 

4. I’ve deleted Ugly Betty and Heroes from my Tivo. Just so they know. Fuck you both. And you don’t get a link. 

5. I miss Bea Arthur. She, along with Valerie Harper on MTM and Rhoda, shaped my snarky gay sense of humor in the 70’s and 80’s. She is truly loved. And amazed the Dom Deluis made it to 75. Really? Wow! 

Gay Pimpin'6. Take a moment and download one free episode of Gay Pimpin’ with Jonnny McGovern. Really an amazing 2 free hours of gay comedy and NYC nightlife every week. Stunned they don’t charge us for this. Kicks Howard Sterns butt. If they don’t get picked up by satellite radio soon, i’ll eat my Aretha Franklin hat. 

7. Finally, American Idol, part deux. Loving the Top 4. By Danny, then Allison, then either Kris or Adam can take it. Both rule.


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3 Responses to “Too big for Twitter…”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I too have deleted Heroes and Ugly Betty this year. Boo to them!

  2. Amy Says:

    Marc – So sorry to hear about Jamie. She was a sweetheart.

  3. Adventures In Babywearing Says:

    I’ve heard the news. Am so saddened to hear about Jamie. She was such a light.


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