Sweet sweet Mead


Hi Jamie,


I know you’re overseas right now, so you might not read this till about the time I’m in LA next week, but I just had to tell you I’m having a David Mead day. I don’t know if its because it’s a perfect Chicago Saturday afternoon and his music just flows over your mind like a ray of sunshine, or because he’s sort of “our” guy, but I’m loving him from back to front today. 

Remember how we came across him? Picture it. Schuba’s. 1999. Chicago. I still remember fondly when you and I worked together for Borders Events and Marketing, and Randy at BMG asked us to help out their newest artist David Mead. We didn’t know who he as but as soon as we saw he was a cute red-head with pop rock chops, we were on board! I still have the David Mead/Mead notebook style promotional CD for his debut The Luxury of Time


It’s always a tough call when a record label asks you to come support a virtually unknown artist, but his CD was SO catchy and the label was paying for booze. How could we say no. And glad we didn’t. He was great. Even with a small, industry-heavy crowd, David completely rocked it and drew us in (if not mainly because we WERE the front row). And what was so cool is that when you and I saw him before you moved to LA, with a much bigger audience, he told a story on stage of how Chicago was one his first gigs and the small, enthusiastic crowd, made him fall for Chicago as his favorite town to play whenever he tours. It was great to see the following he’s accumulated and that he even has songs like New Mexico that become big sing-a-longs. And we were there at the genesis. 

david-in-studioOver the years David put out quite a few new CDs and has gotten less XTC pop and more Americana which I’m sure was influenced by his move to Nashville. I usually recommend him to fans of Ryan Adams, Matthew Sweet and Jason Mraz. It looks like he’s got a new CD coming out called Almost and Always, and in anticipation has a free live album for download on his site called Live at Eddie’s. I just downloaded it, and it’s really top knotch. All the favorites. We’ll definitely have to try to be in the same town this year when he tours. I feel like its a tradition with us now. A tradition only you and I share. 

I’ll leave some nuggets below for anyone who is not familiar enough with David, but I know you have all I do already. Can’t wait to see you in L.A. next Thursday! Anyone up for The Abbey or  The Largo??




Only A Dream 

The World Of A King




5 Responses to “Sweet sweet Mead”

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  2. Chase Says:

    Well, I love your music posts. I think you should treat us to this more often. We all know your knowledge runs DEEP.

  3. Jamie Says:

    I love David Mead. He’s so incredibly talented. I will never forget that first time seeing him at Schuba’s. It was the day before our first time seeing David Gray there, remember? Remember sharing a taxi with David and his adorable bass player? Remember me making a total ass out of myself sharing my love for fencing? Cause I do.

    I don’t care if no one knows his music, he will ALWAYS be a go to artist for me. If in part because of him sharing some of my fondest memories of you and me.

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  5. Morgan Says:

    how cute (:

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