This is For Your Own Good


Dear Marc,

I’m going to take the time I usually use to talk to you and address the women of the world.  I’m sorry that you have to share me, but I feel like this needs to be done.


GAH!  Skinny, beautiful girls can't do it either.

GAH! Don't feel bad. Skinny, beautiful girls can't do it either.

Stop wearing inappropriate pants.  I know I’m not perfect.  I’m not.  I make fashion mistakes just like everyone else.  Actually, probably more than most people, because of the risks I’m willing to take.  There is nothing wrong with trying something, going for it and falling on your face.  It’s good for us.  You are not the women I’m talking to.  I’m talking about people who consistently make the SAME mistake and don’t take notice.  From this moment on, there is no excuse for you doing the following things:

  • Pleated pants of any kind.
  • Stirrup Pants of any kind.
  • Mom jeans of any kind.
  • Pedal Pushers of any kind.
  • Baggy, stretchy pants of any kind.

Come on!  You can do better than this.  You don’t have to be the type that runs to the mailbox every month to get your Vogue Magazine.  You don’t have to know who Simon Doonan is and idolize him from the core of your being.  You don’t even have to like clothes.  Just stop doing yourself the disservice of wearing the aforementioned items.

I can just hear the naysayer’s comments right now.

“I don’t care about clothes.”

“They aren’t important.”

“They don’t make me who I am.”

My answers to that?  Fine. Wrong. Right.  You don’t have to care about clothes per se.  You have to care about how you’re presenting yourself to other people.  You have to care about being the best you, you can be.  You have to care about yourself.  If you’re one of those women who think clothes aren’t important, you’re wrong.  I’m sorry.  The brand of clothes isn’t really important.  The amount of money you spend on them typically isn’t important.  Caring how they look on you?  That’s important.  Taking two seconds to find things that are flattering and functional.  That’s important.  It’s true, clothes don’t make you who you are.  But if you’re not bothering to make any effort with the image you put forth, why should anyone bother to get past your pleated khaki’s to find out who you really are?  It might be shallow, but it’s the world we all live in and it isn’t hard to play by the rules.

While we’re on this, I have a bone to pick with the internet.  I’ve been reading a lot of women knocking on the fashion conscious lately.  Maybe it’s the economy and everyone being extremely sensitive to unnecessary purchases?  In which case, I agree with you.  Now is not the time to make huge investments in wardrobe.  But to infer that a woman who wears high heels, pretty clothes and carries a nice bag is shallow or somehow NOT a feminist is just fucking absurd. I like to wear nice things.  I like to feel pretty.  It’s not for men.  It’s not for other women.  It’s for me.  It’s important for me to be put together. It makes me feel put together…in my brain.  It does not make me shallow or anti-feminist. So, suck it.

Back to your bad pants.  In this day in age there are plenty of inexpensive options for normal, not pleated, mom jean pants.  Email me.  I’ll tell you all about it.




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9 Responses to “This is For Your Own Good”

  1. Fashion » Blog Archive » This is For Your Own Good Says:

    […] ORD to LAX put an intriguing blog post on This is For Your Own GoodHere’s a quick overview I make fashion mistakes just like everyone else…. I’ve been reading a lot of women knocking on the fashion conscious lately…. […]

  2. calimama@compactbydesign Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Why are these women allowing themselves to be brainwashed that ugly fashion is okay? Fashion that is ugly is ugly, not fashion.

    I don’t even buy new clothes and I want to look presentable. And I have pretty high standards for what’s presentable. But then, if everyone had common sense when it comes to their wardrobe (never mind the rest of their lives) What Not to Wear would have to go off the air. And with the downfall of all the house buying shows what else would they put in it’s place?

  3. Beth Says:

    I agree completely. May I add more?
    Just because they make something in every size, doesn’t mean every size can wear it. (e.g. wife beaters, horizontal stripes, crop tops, and ultra low rise jeans).
    Spandex is a privilege, not a right.
    Overalls are for the farmer! How would you accessorize? A jug of moonshine and a first cousin?

    It’s not that I’m a girlie-girl. I’m not perfect. I’ve dashed off to the Walgreen’s looking like a schlumpa-dinka many times, but why wouldn’t some want to look their best most of the time?

    One more: Chapstick is not a substitute for lipstick.

    Thanks for letting me rant with you, Jamie

    • Jamie Says:

      Anytime you want to vent, you just let me know. You could not be more right about all of these things.

      Listen to this woman, ladies. She knows of what she speaks.

  4. emma Says:

    You and me? We’re going shopping. Not that I own any of the above. I don’t think. I’m not quite sure what Pedal Pushers are so… But, still. You. Me. Shopping. Date. Thank hubby again for the loan out.

  5. Kat Says:

    Preach it.

  6. m000se Says:

    next up, pleated pants on men! hallelujah, Jamie!

  7. erin Says:

    Shit, yes. I love you. Come to Melbourne, we have amazing shopping here.

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