I guess I’m with the band


Hey Jamie,

So jealous of you going to SXSW. I want to hear more. I want to live vicariously through you going to all the best festivals and see all the right bands before they’re big…like I used to before I sold packaging. Oh well, maybe we can do Lollapalooza together this year. I did see one show this week. 

katy-perry-cherry-chapstickI just got back from…Katy Perry’s show at House of Blues. She was fun, entertaining, and adorable. And House of Blues was the usual shit storm it always is. Overpriced drinks, angry rude security and the worst worst sound of any Chicago venue. Its been this way since it opened, and no one seems to care.

But that’s not the first thing on my mind tonight. Katy’s band was the one grabbing my attention. They were unbelievably good. Really good. Like Kings of Leon kind of good. Way too good to be backing Katy Perry (no offense Katy, your great). Which got me thinking of something that’s crossed my mind before at pop shows…what do these guys say to other rockers when they’re out at bars or shopping at Guitar Center. grungy-bandI see this skit in my head every time. Its like the guitarist for Andrew Bird, 2 guys from Drive by Truckers, Cat Power’s band and Fischer sans Spooner. They’re all hobnobbing, discussing what they’re reading on the bus, how vegan they are, what better Jamison’s or Hendrick’s and in walks some similar dudes. They’re treated like a band of brothers until the subject of who they’re working for comes up. The cool guys go first with lots of cool, quiet ooos and aahhh. Finally the new guy have to talk. Sheepishly they must speak up. At some point they must admit, “I’m Mandy Moore’s percussionist”, “I’m doing back up vocals for the Right Said Fred/Aqua/Ace of Base super tour” or “I’m keyboardist on Taylor Dayne’s pridefest circuit tour”. 

Does this happen? Am I imagining this? Is it just a gig to all of them, no shame in the game, or what? I really want to know. If I were Ashlee Simpson’s bass player I’d keep it in the closet. I’d tell them I’m in packaging sales. Far cooler. 



PS. Thanks to all the new readers this week that gave us a 1000% increase in our traffic. Stick with us. We’re fun.


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One Response to “I guess I’m with the band”

  1. calimama@compactbydesign Says:

    I have wondered the same thing. Or what about the band for the famous front-man, what are they doing when he decides to form another band or go solo for a while?

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