My Dog Might Be Weird.


Hey Jamie, 


So amazing to see you this weekend and hang with your in-laws. You guys have always made me feel like family. I mean, how lucky are you that you can actually enjoy Andy’s parents!? 

Anyhow, I thought about you and your babies today, Imo and Gertie. They are a bit odd. You know that. That’s one of the things you love about them. And they’re pugs. They’re supposed to be odd, right? We’d be disappointed if they weren’t. But I got a Weimaranar Lab mix. Goose should be a lovely, sweet, and utterly predictable. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a joy. Loving, adorable, doesn’t bark, housetrained but as he reaches a year old, oddness is coming out.

dsc02622Cases in point


  • He not only doesn’t like being in the car and resists getting in, but he has no urge to go near the window/stick his head out of it. He just sits in the back, starring, sleeping. What is he thinking? He’s got the most wind-flappable ears ever. Don’t all dogs love this? Not Goose.
  • He won’t fetch. My last dog, the border collie, just took to it. You threw a ball. He got it. He came back. Getting it out of his mouth took a bit of training, but not much. Goose will run after it about 50% of the time, but rarely comes back. On those rare occasions he does come back and I get the ball, he won’t got get it a second time. It’s like he’s too smart to have fun. Like he’s figured out there’s no point. Much like his father.
  • He doesn’t hump, bark, or lift his leg. Now these are NOT complaints. I love these qualities. But, they’re not dog like. They’re great but atypical for most pooches. 


Do you think he’s weird? If he were human, would he get beat up in school the next day?  What are Imogene and Gertie’s main oddities? 




10 Responses to “My Dog Might Be Weird.”

  1. Janet Says:

    We call it doggie mind games and usually the dogs win.You know “I will sit here and not put my head out the window to see if I can drive him nuts”…Goose it is working.

    Oh and Jamie a wonderful brunch with the in laws and one quick hi and small hug for dad and one quick get out of here kind of hug for Matt….can you say shit list?

    Love you

  2. David Says:

    Maybe he’s got the mind of cat? Sort of realizes what’s the point of sticking my head out the window.

    Or maybe he’s just super smart. See if he can do long division (I can’t, but would be impressed if he could).

  3. Derek Giromini Says:

    I love that picture of you and the dog. It’s like there’s this slight mistrust between you. Like this was framed by Wes Anderson.

    Dogs are weird, period. Just remember that you are the PACK LEADER.

  4. emma Says:

    He may be odd, but he’s utterly adorable.

  5. Jamie Says:

    Marc, Next time you want to post the worst picture ever of me (and that’s saying something) you should ask first. GAH! It was great to see you as usual! I have lots of Gertie and Imogene idiosyncrasies to talk about. I’ll post tomorrow.

    Mom, that’s cute.

  6. m000se Says:

    i think that is a totally cute pic of you. are you crazy, girl? adorable. i look old. like i’m tempting you to my basement with candy.

  7. april Says:

    He sounds like a dream dog. At least he has a great mind of his own.

    My dog fetches the ball, but she will run towards us.. and the moment our hand reach out to take the ball, she’ll run away from us again.

  8. Jamie Says:

    I’d go into your basement any day. Even without candy.

  9. Kelly Says:

    Hey honey,

    How often do you take Goose in the car? He might be carsick. Grace was very reluctant to get in the car and thoroughly did not enjoy it for her first year. Make sure you don’t feed him for several hours before the car ride. Start with a drive around the block, followed by his favorite treat. Do this for a week or so. Lengthen the car rides. Open the window a crack so he can smell the surroundings without sticking his head out. I know, it sounds nuts, but it really worked for Grace. She loves car rides, now! Also, ginger snaps (made with real ginger) can help alleviate symptoms.

    Good luck sweetie!



  10. m000se Says:

    great advice kelly! he never appears sick. just indifferent. he sits there. looks. lies down. sleeps. but never seems excited or very happy to get in. much like my previous boyfriends….ha!

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