Fine, I’ll Sing



At brunch today we started talking about videos and you were encouraging me to make one.  I still think it’s a dangerous idea for me to start talking freely on the internet (how will we stop it?), but I said I would think about it.  Concerned about coming up with content I told you I would sing you a song.  I’m not sure why I would promise that.  I wasn’t even drunk. I sing all the time, but I don’t ever share it with anyone, let alone the entire interwebs.  I won’t even do karaoke.  But, I’m a woman of my word, so here you go.  I hope you know why I chose this song.   Remember trying to stay awake in Arizona on our cross-country drive?  Plus, wasn’t Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam highly underrated in their time?

I swear this wasn’t an experiment to see how many readers we could lose in 3 minutes and technically speaking, I can blame it on you.

I apologize in advance. Oh, and I suggest turning your computer volume down.  RIGHT NOW.




11 Responses to “Fine, I’ll Sing”

  1. m000se Says:

    i was totally doing the Full Force vocal part here. you are so crazy!! i think there’s still some slots at Market Days this year if you’re free!

  2. Jamie Says:

    You have to do the boy part. See, we need each other. I instantly regretted posting this by the way. But, it kind of felt good to have my horrible voice out there. Freeing, somehow. Want to hit Trader Todd’s for karaoke later?

  3. Joe Schmitt Says:

    I’m not going to listen. For the friendship.

  4. Emma James Says:

    You have balls of steel, girl. Seriously.

    And I’m now wondering if the rental car will have a music outlet. We can traumatize all of Ireland with duets along the way.

  5. Janet Says:

    I think you genious…of course I am your mother however Dad loves it…finally a singer in th family but Simon says you need to open you eyes boo booo what does he know….

  6. David Says:

    You are absolutely my favorite person. Ever. I laughed my ass off when you said it was take 18. Brilliant to the nth degree, and just goes to show me that both you and Marc need your own reality show. Which would be, by the way, the only one I would watch and DVR and then buy the DVD.


  7. Derek Giromini Says:

  8. Derek Giromini Says:

    Okay, seriously, I’ve heard much worse.

  9. Sara Says:


  10. Kate Says:

    I loved this.

  11. Alana Says:

    This makes it all even harder to believe. What a great video.

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