totally miss you too!


totally recent pic. not from the 90's.

hey jamie

sorry its taken me so so long to read this. i’ve been feeling so disconnected this week with my trip to Vegas (more on that shitstorm later) and then my dad’s friend Bob dies Tuesday and Mike (dad’s widower) had a mild heart attack this morning. 

all that being that, i really needed to be missed by someone and there you were. right there when I needed you even though you didn’t intend it. you’re the best. 

i’m not sure what it is about you and I but the powers that be have always made sure that you and i have lives and personalities that grow together. so often, friends grow apart or simply fade a bit, but you and I change and grow together as people. its like those studies on twins where they can be apart but always connected and never really disconnect. we’ve both been through men (me a few more than you), jobs, school, moving and the Bush administration. but somehow, we stay strong. 

i’m so thankful to have you in my life. you are loved.

hope to see you soon. you know i hate the phone too! 




One Response to “totally miss you too!”

  1. Derek Giromini Says:

    This made me a little sad.

    I have several long distance friends that I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

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