Crush of the Moment: The Men of Basic Cable, Part 1


Hey Jamie,

I’ve been wanting to do this post for some time, but now that I’m up and running, I don’t have much to say. I love a good hour long, Discovery Channel style show. And those big wigs at the cable stations really know how to appeal to both men (straight and gay ones love the manliness for different reasons) and women (minus our lesbian friends).

Here’s a few of my favorites. Who are yours? mikerowe

First up, Mike Rowe host of Discovery’s Dirty Jobs. Also helps that he has a speaking voice that could melt butter, and panties.


Mike Rowe Collage

And Josh Gates, host of Destination Truth. Josh and his team go around the world trying to prove myths and legends like Big Foot, Loch Ness, etc. Suspenseful and fun. Not currently on though. 😦




And then there’s Really Big Things’ Matt Rogers. I already posted about him last month, but he’s worth another quick look.

Our final man is Welch hottie Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild. Not only has a very sexy accent and no body fat from ‘starving’ in the wild every episode, but the man finds an excuse to remove his clothing every episode: it too cold, its too hot, there’s a spider in my pants. Whatever, I’m not complaining.



11 Responses to “Crush of the Moment: The Men of Basic Cable, Part 1”

  1. David Says:

    Mike Rowe is just plain-old hot! I love the show, his wicked sense of humor and his need to be shirtless.


  2. m000se Says:

    did you click on the link i provided under his name? do yourself a big favor.

  3. Derek Giromini Says:

    I’m a straight guy, but my two man-crushes are Mike Rowe and Matt Mahaffey.

  4. Jim Says:

    Mmmmmm, Mike Rowe! The link you mentioned in your comment seems to be missing, Marc. I think I need to “discover” the Discovery Channel again.

  5. m000se Says:

    hey jim and dave,
    the link is fixed. here it is as well.

  6. Derek Giromini Says:

    Aaaaand once again I’m the dorky outcast in the corner bobbing the music and sipping his gin.

  7. Jamie Says:

    Derek, You aren’t a dork. I’m working on a post about my girl crushes. Want to contribute?

  8. Derek Giromini Says:

    Sure. Some quick ones.

    Nigella Lawson, Giada De Laurentiis, Padma Lakshmi — hot women of the kitchen.

    Though I like my women curvier, I like Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly, and Elizabeth Mitchell, all of “Lost.” Evangeline’s eyes are hypnotizing.

    • Jamie Says:

      Nigella, is a resounding yes. I want to punch Giada every time she opens her mouth. Padma would be fine, if she never actually opened her mouth.

  9. Betsy C. Says:

    No Tom Collichio?

  10. m000se Says:

    You know Betsy Tom C is a great one. I think that’s why I left it Part One, because I know there’s more. Definitely! Bring on more suggestions. David Lieberman of Food Network is another one.

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