The Epiphany



I'm Angry

He's angry too!

The election and subsequent hoopla have been the catalyst for a personal epiphany.

I discovered I’m intolerant.

I’m not proud.  Actually, I’m pretty ashamed.  I know my mother raised me better.  I could easily keep this flaw to myself.  I don’t need to open myself up for the criticism, but I want to know how I can go back to a place where I’m feeling less–what’s the word?–oh yeah–hateful.  I’m scary-old-man-neighbor-with-crazy-eyebrows angry.

I wasn’t always.  As a matter of fact, I used to be reasonably tolerant.  Like, hippie tolerant (without the patchouli and ugly clothes).  I even welcomed differing opinions. Back in the day, the strategies for both political parties actually made sense to me.  I voted for John McCain in the 2000 primary for god’s sake!  I might have thought people who disagreed with me were crazy, but it was a good healthy crazy, not a crazy crazy.  Now I think they’re insane… and that they couldn’t possibly live in the same world I live in.

How could anyone be OK with a war without end or objective?  Who votes to nullify the marriages of gay couples in California because they want to define what all marriages should be based on their religious beliefs?  When did it become OK to have a government that tolerates and even encourages tortureTORTURE.  What about the fear-mongering?  Don’t even get me started on the spying on innocent American citizens.  The thought of serious problems falling through the cracks while our government has been focusing on nonsense, makes my head spin. I cannot take it anymore.

I hate the person that the Bush Administration made me become.  I know that our conservative readers will have a problem with me blaming this on W.  (Thank god we don’t have any conservative readers.  Hee.  I kid!) but, I can’t think of any other reason for this change.  Maybe I had potential to be like this all along, but wasn’t well-informed enough? Whatever the reason, it seems to me that a lot of very serious things have changed since 2000.

DO NOT get me wrong. I don’t think previous administrations (no matter their affiliation) have been perfect.  Trust me when I say that I don’t blindly follow.  As a matter of fact, I frequently get in trouble with people on my own side of the fence because of it. Democrats and liberals are far from ideal.  We’ve been fucking ourselves with questionably crappy decisions for donkey’s years.  But something about the last eight years just feels different and, I don’t know, calculatedly nefarious.

Luckily it isn’t just the government that has my undies in a twist, so I’m able to spread my intolerance across many topics. What about this shit:

Giving a TV show to people because they have 18 children.  I’m sorry, but I think they are doing all those stepford children (and the planet) a serious disservice. How can you give them all the attention and love that they need?  You are only two people and our world is a very complicated place.  There are worse situations for children to be in, sure, but I’m skeptical of any parenting technique that has you wait until the night before your son’s marriage to explain sex to him.  That’s abuse in my book.

PETA. What is PETA doing?  Seriously.  Their tactics have become so base and juvenile that I can’t handle it anymore.  Listen, I don’t know if animals have souls.  How would I?  I believe that every living creature deserves respect no matter their purpose (except for the possum that came into my bedroom last week.  He’s exempt).  I am not a vegetarian, but I do love my dogs more than most people I know, so I get where the animal rights people are coming from.  PETA used to be on the right side of the fence.  Now?  Now they like attention and as far as I’m concerned they’re embarrassing to the whole animal rights movement.

Out of state churches funding Prop 8 in California. I had a lot to say about Prop 8 after the election, so I’m going to mostly spare you all now.  I’m so angry about this stuff that I’ve become intolerant about their intolerance.  It just folded in on itself.  Maybe I’m a hypocrite?  I don’t know.  I’m not intolerant of their beliefs.  I actually don’t care about that at all.  I just don’t think anyone’s religion should have anything to do with the laws of our land.  So I just have one more thing to say to those people:  Mind your own business.

I know I am not a model human being.  I am deeply flawed.  I do not suggest anyone emulate me.  I am just a girl who has become so overwhelmed by the state of things that I haven’t seen the light in a really long time.  The good news is that I don’t think I’m completely over the edge yet.  I do have close friends and relatives that have different political and religious views than me.  I think they’re lovely people, even if they’re totally and completely wrong, and I don’t love them any less because of it. Oh alright, maybe I love them just a fraction less.  But only a fraction.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they think I’m a liberal lunatic anyway, so it’s fine.

Marc, I don’t think President Obama is our lord and savior, but I do think he’s a good man who recognizes that we all need to work together, no matter our differences, to take a few steps out of the dark ages of the last 8 years.  I could learn a lot from a man like that.  I’m at least willing to give it a try and that makes me feel hopeful again.  Perhaps that’s the first step in becoming more tolerant?




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7 Responses to “The Epiphany”

  1. Emma James Says:

    I don’t see how anyone could possibly be irritated by this, Jamie. You are 100% correct. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be immediately shot. And, I don’t think you’re intolerant, unless intolerance is suddenly defined as “capable of reasoning.”

  2. Jamie Says:

    Well Emma, I certainly know who my audience is…

  3. calimama33 Says:

    You’re not over the edge or alone. The phrase “my sentiments exactly” comes to mind. Although that’s not completely true because not having a TV means I don’t actually know the show you’re referring to but I can only imagine it’s plays a big part in the reason we don’t have a TV. And I wouldn’t want a possum running around my bedroom either.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    You know which way my vote swings. I’ll still read you. 🙂

    I disagree though on PETA; how can you not love their current “don’t eat sea kittens!” campaign?? That’s just weird. ;-P

    • Jamie Says:

      I do Kimberly. You were one of the people I was thinking of when I said that I still loved people that disagreed with me. I like you anyway! Plus I’m always interested in hearing your take. It makes me smarter, plus it’s good to know what I’m up against! 🙂

  5. Derek Giromini Says:

    I’m still laughing at the ferret.

  6. califmom Says:

    Hear, hear!

    That is all.

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