Crush of the Moment: Robbie Williams



Robbie in a tankI’m going completely Old School with this one. Robbie. Mmmm Robbie. You know how you and I have obsessed on Robbie over the years. We loved him when he was just going solo, right after Take That. I still can’t believe I missed the chance when he did his industry only tour when The Ego Has Landed first came out and we got and invite to see him play The Metro. What was I thinking!?

Robbie on the couchWhat is it about him? He’s not the ‘best’ singer. He’s doesn’t work out 7 days a week. And quite honestly, he looks a bit like a Hobbit at times. It’s all personality and ambiguous sexuality with him, isn’t it? He’s that flirty guy who’s not that cute, but will totally make a play for you at a party and totally end up making out with you at 3am. This is not a gay thing. I think Robbie would make out with you no matter gender. And that is part of it, right?

robbie road

I really have nothing else to say. Good music, cute guy, british accent. What’s not to love.

You tell me, why do we love this mediocre man so much??

The rumour is that he’s moved back to the UK for a Take That reunion. Lets hope not. Better off alone.

(by the way, the youtube and mp3 link below will prove that there’s not better combo than Robbie with The Pet Shop Boys. Eat that Take That!


We’re the Pet Shop Boys by Robbie from the album Rudebox


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5 Responses to “Crush of the Moment: Robbie Williams”

  1. Derek Giromini Says:

    THIS is the offensive post you were teasing about on Twitter?

    I thought you were gonna drop a big ol bomb up in this piece, but instead it’s Robbie Williams?!

    This place now wreaks of spoiled meh-onaisse.

  2. m000se Says:

    Next week, Hootie, but not the Blowfish. Kidding.

  3. Derek Giromini Says:

    Moose, you and me, we come from different worlds.

  4. emma james Says:

    He’s grown up well, hasn’t he?

  5. Jamie Says:

    Derek, Nooooo! My post is on it’s way later today. Although the Robbie thing could be considered controversial, I suppose.

    Marc, you know I’ve seen him up close and personal and I have to say I agree. He did not choose to make out with me until 3am, but there is just something about this little man that feels right. Plus, Rock DJ is one of the greatest stupid pop songs/videos ever.

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