What’s So Funny?



laughingI think you and I are hilarious.  Nobody makes me laugh as hard as you.  When we get together, we’re like silly school girls (and it usually has nothing to do with your plaid skirt). But do you think we’re actually funny or we just have a weird sort of compatibility?  Can you take our funny out on the road and have it still be relevant? I’ve noticed people on the fringe of our conversations staring at us like we’re crazy. There have been countless people in the service industry over the years that we’ve tried to make laugh, to no avail.  Clearly they don’t understand our humor, but does that make us unfunny or them unfunny?

I guess I know I’m not totally humorless.  People, besides my loved ones, do laugh at my jokes on occasion.  I’m definitely not the Jim Carrey crying on the inside kind of clown though.  I don’t make light of things to make up for being a sad person.  I’m generally pretty happy and just naturally kind of snarky.  I get great joy from observing the truly ridiculous in life.  Until now, I’ve never really had an outlet for this energy, so I’m loving all the new social media tools that have given me the opportunity to let loose on the internet.

As you know, I’m pretty active on twitter.  There is a crowd on there that uses a service called Favrd to rate tweets.  Essentially, you sign up for Favrd and then every time you see a tweet you like, you favorite it (hit the yellow star) and that tweet gets a vote.  Once your post gets three stars, it makes it up to the leaderboard on Favrd.com.  I love that I am but a lowly foot soldier in the army of twitter funny.  There are so many brilliant people to read and learn from.  I have grown to love scanning my favorite tweeters for their star-worthy material and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find a new person to follow because of something genius I see on Favrd. I know you don’t get twitter (that’s how I know we aren’t actually related.  Well, that and your crush on Dash Mihok), but I bet even you would enjoy the tweets that make it to the leaderboard.

Anyone who tells you they don’t love it when one of their tweets gets favrd is a liar.  For me it’s a weird sort of validation.  It means that I’m not just talking to myself anymore.  Someone out there, besides you, gets me. They might even think I’m amusing.  Mostly, being put into the same league as some of those folks is a real honor.  I am so not worthy.  Here’s just a sampling of a few of my favorites lately:

@sloganeerist – Thinking of getting some nunchucks so that if I’m ever shot by a home invader, I’ll at least be unconscious.

@baileygeninethe correlation between intellect and # of mozart plays in itunes is lost when you admit the playlist is for when your cat is home alone.

@giromide – We acted too slowly with the puppy. She started her first heat this evening. Bob Barker is rolling in his grave.

What’s the big fuss? Everyone knows the real parties aren’t until Orthodox Groundhog Day 13 days from now.

@sweenWhat’s the minimum numbers of humans needed to safely repopulate the species?
I’m asking for a friend.
That I recommend befriending.
@thedayhascomeVentriloquism is one part voice manipulation and two parts community service for touching children.

@katkuhlActual instructions on Dad’s HDTV digital antenna: “Do not attempt to install if drunk, pregnant or both. Do not throw antenna at spouse.”


9 Responses to “What’s So Funny?”

  1. Jamie Says:

    We might both be hilarious, but I’m the one’s who illiterate. Fixed the mammoth typo. Thanks Joe!

  2. Emma James Says:

    I think you’re very funny, but I still don’t get the Favr’d craze. I want some drama and some crazy mixed in with my funny, and Favr’d is all funny. So I’ll stick with simple twitter obsession and not add second drug to the mix.

    Btw, if it was up to me, you’d have a permanent spot on that leader board just in commemoration of your opossum tales.

  3. Mike Figliuolo Says:

    Thank you so much for all the great recommendations on funny tweeps to follow. As an FYI – Joe Schmitt sent me. I’m actually his son’s nephew’s daughter’s cousin’s future alter ego from the year 2364 sent back to kill him so twitter doesn’t take over the world. Please don’t tell him I’m here.

  4. Mike Figliuolo Says:

    What could anyone need from Joe other than retweets and Favrd? I mean, the guy is a twittilectual void, no? 😉

  5. m000se Says:

    well i certainly don’t care if anyone thinks you and I are funny together. we have fun. but i definitely think certain people bring out the funny in each other. with my last BF, he never laughed once at anything funny I ever said. ever. aren’t Jews supposed to have a sense of humor!? that may have been our problem.

  6. steelopus Says:

    “Mostly, being put into the same league as some of those folks is a real honor. I am so not worthy.”

    Well said.

  7. Derek Giromini Says:

    How to be favrd on Favrd:

    1. Follow this boilerplate tweet. http://textism.com/favrd/tweet/1177307145

    2. Be female and brandish a flattering avatar.

    3. Be snarky and one of liberal, moderate, or politically objective.

    4. Do not use add “#tcot” in a non-ironic fashion. See point 3.

    5. Be @hotdogsladies or @fireland.

  8. calimama33 Says:

    Not only do I find your posts enjoyable they are also so educational. Maybe you should consider offering classes. Provide lots of wine, though.

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