Tool Academy? Really?


Hey Jamie,


So Brad and I are watching a new VH-1 reality show called The Tool Academy. No, its not hosted by Al from Home Improvement and involved tearing out wall board. No. This Tool Academy is a new low in TV, and I love it like we love From Justin To Kelly, with Love. Awful and Awesome. Here’s the tagline:  “These guys think they’re competing in a show to determine Mr Awesome! But they’re tools. Welcome to Tool Academy”! I’m paraphrasing, but its close. 

Host: You guys are NOT Mr. Awesome. You are complete tools. (really. really)




So disappointed in mankind, VH-1, and myself. And I’m good with that. At least its better than Rock of Love 3: Busload of Viruses.


3 Responses to “Tool Academy? Really?”

  1. David Says:


    TV is certainly dying as entertainment. This sounds awful. I think I would rather have cigarettes stamped out in my eyes than watch anything on TV.

  2. egan Says:

    Well it looks like someone agreed with you because the video clip won’t load.

  3. Jamie Says:


    I didn’t even know this existed! I need to watch this. I will put it into my guilty, guilty rotation with Intervention and Gossip Girl. Can’t wait!

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