…and I’m Still Here!


St Louis as one should see it

Hey Jamie,

“And so I’m back.

From outta space…”

Sorry I’ve been so out of touch lately but after 1.5 weeks of vacation I got a call from Mom at 11pm on a Saturday that Don, her husband of almost 20 years was dying (and passed 36 hours later), so my brother and I spent the next week in St Louis assisting. Don’t want to get into it too much. You know how it is when you go through something traumatic and you end up rehashing the story too many times and you just can’t talk about it anymore? I’m there. 

And also, some things are best left off the blogs. Just wanted to say, I’m back in the blog game. Missed you. More to come. 




3 Responses to “…and I’m Still Here!”

  1. David Says:

    Sometimes, as the saying goes, less says more.

    Glad your back, Marc.

    Can’t wait to hear more from both of you.


  2. Jamie Says:

    Missed you too. I was thinking about you a lot last week. So glad you’re back!


  3. emma james Says:

    I don’t really know you yet, but I know you are very dear to Jamie, and my heart goes out to you and your family. Best of luck with the roller coaster.

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