It’s Time to Face Facts

Gertie's shirt says, Bad to the Bone. Hee!

Gertie's shirt says, Bad to the Bone. Hee!


I am “that guy”.  Yep, I talk to my dogs like they’re people.  I even sometimes dress them up.  They are participating members of my family. We consider their “feelings” when we make important decisions.  The next logical step is a joint banking account so they can start learning the value of a dollar.  I’m ridiculous and ill, but I can’t seem to help myself.  They just bring me so much JOY.

Even when they’re being bad, I think it’s hilarious.  I suppose that has something to do with the fact that they’re very small pugs and not rottweilers.  If I had two rottweilers and they were acting out, chances are I would lose a limb.  The worst damage Gertie and Imogene have ever inflicted was the snot ball I found in my very expensive shoes.  I’m happy to report that the shoes lived and no blood was shed, so now it’s a funny story (can’t do that with rottweilers).

I guess my point is that I’ve become the person I used to make fun of.  While I still think they are a crazy bunch, I see now that I misjudged dog people.  I couldn’t see beyond their well-worn pug sweatshirts and jack russell coffee mugs.  I didn’t know what it was like to love animals so much that you think of them as part of your own pack.  Well, now I do and I cannot ever imagine what it would be like without them.

Yesterday I wanted to take some pictures of new makeup that I bought.  As I was trying to find just the right angle to show the makeup and obstruct my chins, Imogene sidled up and got in the shot.  Next thing I knew:  crazy pug tongue.  When she was done, I had no makeup on the left side of my face and these pictures.

Marc,  you’ve had dogs in the past, so I know you know what I’m talking about.  Meeting Goose, over the holidays, just solidified for me that you are “that guy” too!




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One Response to “It’s Time to Face Facts”

  1. emma james Says:

    Those pix of you and Imogene are awesome!
    And I completely relate to becoming “that guy” – I have somehow become that gal… spending ridiculous amounts of time engaging my cat in one-sided conversations, feeling guilty for getting tired of playing with string, and regaling virtual strangers with tales of kitty cuteness. Truly frightening. But that’s luv.

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