Crush of the Week: Andrew



I’ve been crabby enough lately.  I thought it was time to talk about something fun.  My latest crush of the week.


My husband.

I know.  It’s terribly out of fashion to have a crush on one’s spouse, but I can’t help myself.  Even after eight years of being together and five years of marriage he’s still the best.  Here are the reasons he beat out all the other candidates this week (and every week!).

He’s supportive – No matter what I decide to do with myself, Andrew is always the first person to tell me to go for it.  It can be as simple as deciding what to fix for dinner on a Tuesday or making the decision to move 2000 miles to pursue a new career, he’s my biggest cheerleader.   He allows me to make mistakes (with the minimum of “I told you so’s”) and helps me avoid them at the same time.  With the intensity of my job and the amount I travel, it would be easy for Andrew to complain, but he doesn’t.  If anything, he is constantly striving to make things easier and better for me.  People always talk about the woman behind every man, but what about the man behind the woman?  I wouldn’t be able to accomplish half of what I do without him.

He’s adorable – I mean, look at him ladies (and gentlemen).  Handsome, no?  But beyond his pretty face, he is absolutely the sweetest man.  Not just I’ll-be-sweet-to-see-where-it-gets-me sweet, but genuinely sweet.  He’s like, help-grandmothers-across-the-road-even-when-no-one-is-looking nice.  I’ll admit it, sometimes I’m not as nice.  Sometimes I’m only I’ll-be-sweet-to-see-where-it-gets-me sweet, but he seems to like me anyway.  I’m sure I make up for it somehow…ahem.

photo-17He’s smart, funny AND fun – Nobody makes me laugh like Andy.  We’re like our own little show.  He cracks a joke, I laugh until I can’t breath.  I riff off of his joke, he cracks up.  We’re humor equivalent of ping pong champions.  I don’t know many people that can sit with their spouse for ten hours watching football, playing games and drinking beer and not end up wanting to kill each other by the end of it.  When I get to the end of our time together the only thing I want to do is stop the clock and rewind.

He comes from a good family – Such a cliche, but so true.  Most of the qualities that make Andrew a great partner stem from his upbringing.  It’s so funny, Andrew’s family life was different from mine in so many ways, (He’s Jewish, I’m not.  He’s youngest, I’m oldest.  He’s north shore, I’m Western burbs.) but I think our families are ultimately cut from the same cloth.  What differences there are just serve as an excellent balance in our relationship.  We’re able to join our two backgrounds together to come up with what makes the most sense for us.  I am looking forward to the future when we have our own children and we can use what we’ve learned from our families to screw them up raise them right!photo-24

Other people love him – I’m a pleasant enough person.  I don’t usually have trouble getting along with others.  However, I cannot hold a candle to my husband.  He meets new people everywhere we go.  Elderly people, children, dogs, cats, babies, chimps, men, women, gays, straights, it doesn’t matter.  People are drawn to him.  It’s an amazing thing to behold.  I’ve never been with anyone so likable that they makes me almost unlikeable in the process.  After our third date, my family asked me in all seriousness, “If you and Andy break up, can we keep him?”  I’m jealous and in awe all at the same time.  The only time it isn’t convenient is when he decides to befriend the “weird guy” at the party.  You know that guy.  The one with the bowl haircut, Cosby sweater and frito breath.  Yep.  Andy collects those guys.

He lets me boss him around – It sounds horrible.  Actually, it IS horrible, but I can’t help it.  I am a Bossy McBosserton.  Maybe he sort of likes it?  I know I do.  Andrew seems to know when I need to be in control (Ew.  Not like that.  Well…maybe a little.).  Admittedly, that’s most of the time, but he doesn’t seem to mind.  And if he does, he doesn’t really say anything about it, so I appreciate that.  I think we make a good team.  We have a natural balance, he knows I need to be bossy and he let’s me.  I know when he needs to expend a little testosterone (Ew. Not like that.  Well…maybe a little.) and I let him.  I love that about him, us.

The last five years have been such an awesome adventure for us.  I’m so lucky to have a husband that I love and most importantly, love to be with.  He isn’t perfect (see exhibit A), but I wouldn’t trade him in for the world.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the future!

These are Andy's idea of home decor.

Exhibit A: Mexican Wrestlers are Andy's idea of home decor.

Marc,  you know us both.  Andy definitely got the good end of the deal, eh?



P.S.  I’m done being sappy.  I will be back to rant-y, crabby and judgemental very soon.  Don’t worry.



5 Responses to “Crush of the Week: Andrew”

  1. David Says:

    You know what your husband has that other men don’t is the ability to see people in a way that feels honest and friendly. He see’s the good in people, I think, before anything else and he seems to genuinely enjoy hanging with you.

    He is adorkable, that’s for sure. And add the fact he is the most secure straight man I’ve ever met, makes you want to take him home in a pita pocket and put him on your shelf.

    But most of all, Andy is the man who snagged the best girl any guy (gay mostly, but we’ll give it up for the other straight boys) would want for the all time BFF (which I realize is so Paris Hilton and 2003 wrapped together).

    Hooray for Andy, Hooray for Jamie. The best couple this side of the Universe.

    Happy New Year to ya both and Peace everywhere!

  2. Janet Says:

    Awwwwwwe…with that said can we still keep him?

  3. emma james Says:

    Yeah, you did it! And super-duper cute to boot. I hope you’re cashing in on those extra points you just earned!

  4. Abigail Hamilton Says:

    I’m like you: the envy of millions thanks to my husband.

    He cooks dinner every night. He gave me black Pearls this Christmas, despite the recession. So what if he has a slagheap of books, clothes, plates, and who-knows-what the size of Giza on his side of the bed?!

    If I died, millions of women I know would court him and find out that he has flaws equal to his attributes. (Of course, attributes weigh more heavily!)

    Ain’t we all the same?

  5. KellyDee Says:

    Good gravy, Jamie. The oozing, snarky, lip-curling jealousy makes me want to hate you, but darnit, it does kind of warm the cockles of my cold dead heart that you feel the way that you do about your cutie husband.

    And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with your relationship with your doggie babies. I don’t dress my pumpkin much, because she’s hates it like I hate Ann Coulter, but we do have a collar wardrobe, for her many moods. Her first language is babytalk and occasionally I am busted by a family member or neighbor conversing with her in said language, but like I always say…so what?!?!

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