I’ll Give You Donuts, Rick Warren.



Obama%20and%20Rick%20Warren.jpgIf you thought I was crabby last week, holy god, you’re in for a treat.  I’m flaming about this Rick Warren thing.  I was trying to ignore it.  I’ve declined to comment.  I was hoping to just get over it.  No luck.  It’s really killing what little Christmas buzz I was able to muster up.

I understand that our next president is a Christian.  Totally cool by me.  I accept that he would want a Christian minister to lead the invocation at his inauguration.  It’s a good idea, really.  He’s going to need all the help he can get, whether it comes from human beings or his god in heaven, I don’t think it matters.  I’m not in love with Mr. Obama’s stance on gay marriage, but I feel like he’s more supportive of gay Americans than most elected officials (especially those across the aisle).  I’ll take it…for now.  So, someone needs to explain this choice to me.

My biggest complaint about Rick Warren isn’t really his politics.  I actually appreciate his stance on environmental issues and applaud him for using his very large reach to talk about them.  He isn’t the worst religious figure we’ve encountered in modern times, but he not the best either.  It isn’t a big surprise how he feels about gay marriage.  Of course he’s against it, it is practically a requirement of his job.  What I take issue with is the defense of his position.  Time and time again, Warren has been quoted comparing gay marriage to pedophilia, incest and polygamy.  He considers homosexuality a depraved sinful and illegitimate lifestyle.   He denies the existence and spiritual integrity of thousands of gay and lesbians of faith.  Let us not even speak of the gay atheist population.  That would be two strikes!  Yes, yes, I heard about his love for all of god’s children.  That he offers coffee and donuts to gay protesters.  Donuts are tempting, but thanks anyway.  You can keep them.

Surely there was a better choice?  The individual chosen to lead the invocation is selected as the spiritual representative of our nation.  They are meant to ask god to guide and watch over the new administration and our country.  Those three minutes should be full of hope, promote unification, and generate thoughtfulness.  You know what I’m going to be thinking about during those three minutes?

How disappointed I am.




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5 Responses to “I’ll Give You Donuts, Rick Warren.”

  1. Jay Ehret Says:

    What you really mean by a better choice is someone who approves of gay marriage. I’m guessing that’s because you do. Choosing a pro-gay marriage religious figure would not have promoted hope, unification, nor generated thoughtfulness. It would have simply appeased those who support gay marriage while alienating those who fundamentally oppose gay marriage.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Close, but not quite, Jay. I would have loved to have someone who approved of gay marriage, but that is a high hope. What I wanted was a minister that didn’t publicly equate gay marriage with having sex with helpless children or animals. Someone who is willing to say, “I don’t believe being gay is right in the eyes of my god, but to each their own.” I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the person blessing this administration publically respect a pretty sizable population of those who helped Barrack Obama get elected.

    I think there were probably choices that would have straddled both worlds. They could have found someone who appealed to the religious right (I think we need unification right now) and been a little more respectful of the gay population. I don’t think anyone would have been perfect, I just think he’s FAR from it.

  3. em Says:

    Thank you for saving me the time spent having to write this rant myself – I completely agree!

    And when are you back in town, chica? Must bond.

  4. lala Says:

    It gets even better – watching Rachel Maddow tonight some other interesting beliefs of Warren have surfaced. Oh just some litlle stuff like he equates pro-choice supporters with holocaust deniers and believes that homosexuality is an example of why evolution is a flawed theory.

    I was willing to give Barack the benefit of the doubt for about 5 minutes but this is going from bad to worse…

    • Jamie Says:

      Ah the hits keep coming. Again, I get why he’s against this stuff. It’s his job, right? My problem lies with the manner in which he defends the stance. AND now he’s visiting Out of the Closet and scrubbing his website for anti-gay rhetoric? Awesome.

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