Why Isn’t America In Love With…Catherine Tate


Hey Jamie,

I was watching one of my BBC America shows this week, and realizing my tastes are not the mainstream always. Big surprise!  And you know how much we love a list, so in the spirit of Rob and Sarah’s How Much Do We Love, here’s part one of the things I love this year that the bulk of America just doesn’t get. This week:

The Catherine Tate Show — Very very funny skit comedy show based around actress Catherine Tate (Dr Who). Every skit completely brilliant.  If only SNL could be this well done. 

Our John, is a Gaaay Mon: 

A World that hates Gingers (red-heads):

Yes, its even better than Little Britain. Why is this not a bigger deal???


3 Responses to “Why Isn’t America In Love With…Catherine Tate”

  1. Chad Says:

    Actually the CT show is a HUGE hit in America. When they were showing premier episodes it was in the top 5 shows on BBC America only behind Little Britian, BBC News, and Dr Who. and Torchwood.

    So it should be above Little Britian—but what you gonna do?? What a F**king Liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. emma james Says:

    You are not alone! But you should be truly happy that all of america does not have your fine taste. If they did, you’d lose that giddy superior feeling, and it’s oh so good! I, for one, would be sad to live without the fix.

  3. David Says:

    I adore Tate, and think she is brilliant comedian. I’ve seen many of her shows on BBC America and thought she brought some greatness to season 4 of Doctor Who (although a lot of UK based people hated the fact she was on Who).


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