New Hollywood Classics



Your last post was so interesting.  I never quite thought about it that way.  I am NOT secretly a Golden Girl, so I had no idea who Van Johnson was.  I read his obit and it made me wish I had been more familiar.  I think your list is pretty inclusive (I would omit Will Smith because I think Seven Pounds looks like the most irritating movie ever and I’m sort of pissy about it), but here’s who I would add:

Cate Blanchett – So beautiful, so talented.

So Pretty!

So Pretty!

Kate Winslet – She’s a real broad and I love it.  It kills me that she’s about my age.  Two kids, hot as hell, talented.  Argh!

Edward Norton – I don’t know.  I’m on the fence.  He’s very smart.  He makes interesting movies. Painted Veil was so great and 25th Hour is one of my all time favorites.

Leonardo DiCaprio – I’ll admit, he’s a little smug, but I think he makes really smart choices and has turned into a fine actor.  He will be entertaining us for a very long time.

I don’t think we’ll ever really have a “Golden Age” again. There is no mystery.  Actors aren’t really about acting anymore, most of the time through no fault of their own, they’re about celebrity.  I just don’t think we’ll ever see Hollywood as aspirational ever again.




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