Tradition! Tradition!


Hi Jamie,

Sorry I’ve been such a lousy blog partner lately. Have not felt much like writing, and when I did, I was no where near my PC .


So, last night we did the annual tree decorating. And, as you know, for about 12 years now I’ve been having a few friends over to help. Now granted, we have a 1 bedroom, so it was really just a couple pals, but a festive time was had nonetheless. 

Jenna and Elliott, Jake and Justin, Aurora, Adam K, and Shaine all helped us by consuming vast amounts of mulled wine and handling fragile glass around 2 puppies.  

As you may remember, I have a few precious traditions I adhere too. I’m not too big on repetition, but this one day a year, I’m Christmas balls to the wall on it! 

1. Watching Pee Wee’s Xmas Special on DVD. I mean, c’mon does it get any better than guests like Liquid Diet Oprah, Dinah Shore, pre-fame kd lang, Little Richard, Charo, Cher and of course the amazing Grace Jones in what appears to be a space age fender? 

2. Watching The Ref. (go to this chick’s YouTube page to watch the whole movie) If you’ve not seen it, it was directed by Ted Demme who passed away in 2002, and stars Dennis Leary, Judy Davis, Kevin Spacey, Christine Baranski, and Glynis Johns and is a brilliant comedy about dysfunctionality and grand theft. Check it out. 

3. Mulled Wine. I said I wasn’t going to do it again this year since last time I spent like $50 making it and no one wanted any. This year I made it with Shiraz, Brandy, Triple Sec, Disarano, star anise, cinnamon stick, cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, and a sliced orange. And it was a success. I ended up making 2 huge pots with only about a cup left over. And everyone was good and loopy. Just the way I like them.

4. Personal ornanents. My favorite part. the boys and their balls Everyone who does the tree, I ask to customize one ball ornament with their name and year so when we go back we have great memories of holiday’s past. Remember Vince K. and Paul W.?  Now we can remember them once a year. That’s good enough. 🙂

Wish you and Andy were here, but we’ll see you on Xmas day for another of our traditions! Marc and Jamie together at Xmas.


2 Responses to “Tradition! Tradition!”

  1. Jamie Says:


    I cannot wait until Christmas. I’m so glad you’re coming to hang with the fam again this year. You know what’s funny? In our house, Andy is the one who goes crazy over the Christmas decorations. He dragged our tree from the garage to the house all by himself this year and put it together. I helped trim, but he did the rest. Is it because he never had a tree as a child? I have no idea. All I can think about it how long it will take to get it down and back in all the boxes. Oh vey.

    I can’t believe you mentioned The Ref. One of my all time favorite movies. I laugh so fucking hard when I watch it. I’m always surprised more people don’t know about it. Everyone in that movie is pitch perfect. Maybe we are the same person after all?


  2. Kelly Says:

    Marcus, you know that I love you, almost as much as I love Rod Blagojevich’s hair, but I think I may love you just a smidgen more when you are cuddling GOOSE! You can never leave town without feeling full of guilt and angst again. xxoo, KD PS I’ve always loved Wish BTW.

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