Is Like Whipped Cream



You Make Everything Better!

You Make Everything Better!

Do you know who I love?  Oliver Platt.  I don’t know what it is about him (maybe the bow ties?) but I think he’s to die for.  Not in a Crush-of-the-Moment way, but in a I-Think-You’re-Such-a-Genius-I-Bow-To-You way. A few years ago, I was trying to describe my Oliver love to someone and they weren’t getting it.  I tried talking about The Ice Harvest.  I mentioned his awesome role on Nip/Tuck. West Wing? Nothing.  Huff?  Nothing.  I even tried bringing up the all time classic, Lake Placid.  Still nothing. Being as passionate as I am about such things, I came up with my own Oliver Platt analogy.  I said, “Oliver Platt is like whipped cream, he makes everything better.”  Bingo!  He’s like ecstasy (the drug, not the feeling), everything is enhanced when Oliver is involved.  I suppose I could have just used ecstasy in the analogy, but that’s not really me, is it?  As I’m sure you’re aware, in my world, whipped cream is pretty much the highest honor you can get.  Bacon is an ever higher accolade, but I reserve the right to use that description in only very special circumstances.  Like the person who ends world poverty or better yet, the guy who figures out how to keep my socks from disappearing from the laundry.

What I didn’t realize that day is that the Whipped Cream analogy would really come in handy.  How do you describe something/someone who isn’t neccessary, per se, but enhances whatever situation they’re in?  Whipped Cream!

“God Marc, that scarf you’re wearing is so cute.  It’s like whipped cream, it makes everything better.”

“I love hanging out with Marc.  He’s like whipped cream, he makes everything better.”

Incidentally, you can’t really say, “Bacon is so good, it’s like whipped cream.  It makes everything better.”  That creates the kind of circular problem that excel is always yelling at you about.  Food and food, doesn’t work.  Even though cheese, bacon and sour cream do, indeed, make everything better.




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4 Responses to “Is Like Whipped Cream”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Mmm, you’re making me hungry for potato skins with “the works”!

  2. m000se Says:

    I think you totally should do a list of Whipped Cream actors. Bobby Canavale is one.
    And if you need it by the way, I just got Ice Harvest on DVD at Walmart this week for $3. Briliant film!

  3. Jamie Says:

    Peter Dinklage. He makes everything better!
    Zeljko Ivanek. He makes everything better!

    I could go on and on!

  4. it’s a blogger world « compact by design Says:

    […] I was just talking (texting really, but what’s the difference right?) to a friend about her well-placed clutter. She is one of the lucky ones that gets to live in a Hollywood home with actual character. Which in Hollywood, unless you’re famous, means you have a small (read quaint) apartment/duplex/bungalow not much bigger than my ex-boyfriend’s dorm room. So in a home with character you may choose to live with less open space if you and/or your husband have a liking for big and/or little things. So to her I say, love your stuff and plan for the day when it looks like you have a sparse living room because it’s so big. If that’s your thing. Or just love your stuff because it’s like whipped cream. […]

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