Watch What You Write!



I feel lucky.

I feel lucky.

Have you ever looked at our blog stats?  Really looked at them?  I don’t usually pay attention, because let’s face it, it’s not like there are ten’s of thousands of people reading everyday (Hi, Mom!).  Today I was exploring the WordPress Dashboard a little and I was startled to find the Search Terms section.  You can tell what terms people are searching on to land them at ORD to LAX and it’s AWESOME.  Some of my favorites:

“why it takes so long to fly from ord to”
To where?  Where are you going to from ord?  If it’s, like, Madison, then I can see the confusion, but if you’re trying to get to Mumbai, you’re just going to have to accept that it takes awhile.  God, impatient much?

“quality time”
How have we become the poster children for quality time?  I see my husband about once a month and I’ve seen you maybe four times this year.  I think some people might have been misled.

“boobs a lot”, “scarlet witch boobs” & “droopy boob pics”
Inevitably we get a search about boobs at least once a day.  I’m baffled, we have the gayest blog on the internet machine (next to this one), how did we get wrapped up in the seedy underbelly of straight-man-land?  You know which term has been searched the most?  “weird boobs”.  Weird boobs?  What would you want with weird boobs?  I thought we were a lot more interesting than that.

“robert pattinson”, “kevin mckidd” & “colin firth”
Um, I have no problem with this.  Google, please align me with them any day.  You know what I mean when I say align, right?

“stevie nicks views on homosexuality”
I haven’t really polled her lately.  Considering her fan base and apparel, I have to think she’s at least a tiny bit for.

“deep sea fish freak flag”
I have talked about deep sea fishing here.  We get a lot of hits on that and it makes total sense.  I wonder who the deviant was that took it a step further.  I can’t even imagine what you would be doing to the poor fish that would necessitate getting out your “freak flag”.  *shudder*

“big gay crush blog”
Nothing to see here. Actually scarily accurate.

“got a little captain in you”
Really not a nice thing to say about my husband, although he’ll probably be thrilled to be called captain.

unrequited redhead syndrome
It’s a real thing!  If enough people search on this, I’m making a case for it’s inclusion in the Merck Manual… or would that be the DSM?

Well Marc, today is a sad day. You know what a sad day is?  When you realize the search terms for your blog are more entertaining than the posts.  Hee.  We must work on the key words!




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3 Responses to “Watch What You Write!”

  1. John Schuster Says:

    jamie, great blog,
    I got some killer keywords for you:
    draperies, lawyer, attorney, Los Angeles, hotels, web hosting, Barack Obama, books, bigger boobs, shoes, rock on, you rule!

  2. Janet Says:

    Hi Jamie

    Love you 2 “big boobs” Mom

  3. Jamie Says:

    Thanks John! I’m interested to see what happens with all the draperies searches. We will get some really “off” people with that, no doubt.

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