Crush of the Moment – Kevin McKidd



Kevin McKidd

Kevin McKidd

I think this might be a straight girl crush that you can get behind. Hee!

I don’t know what it is about Kevin McKidd.  He isn’t your run of the mill hot actor guy.  He is most definitely a manly man, but is that it?  Am I that easy? (Don’t answer that!)  It could be the Scottish accent, you know how I love the accented. Maybe it’s the reddish hair?  Whatever it is, I cannot resist.  I adore him!

Long ago, I had seen McKidd in the movie Trainspotting and some smaller British mini-series roles, but he finally came into my consciousness a year or two ago when I happened to catch Rome on HBO and Journeyman on NBC around the same time.   I was instantly enthralled with him.  The shows? Not so much.  I always felt Rome was uninspired and though I thought Journeyman had an incredible story it was B-O-R-I-N-G!  So we lost touch.  Then the movie Made of Honor happened…and it sucked.  But lo and behold, look who showed up in the background.  And what did McKidd do?  He made Patrick Dempsey look like runner up.  You know I love me some Patrick Dempsey, so it wasn’t easy to win me over, but McKidd was masculine, sweet, hot and…tall compared to Dempsey’s whining, flip-flopping, little man.  He had me at kilt.



Now I’m thrilled to report that McKidd has joined the cast of my once-favorite, but now faltering Grey’s Anatomy.  I had just about given up on this show, but my interest is piqued.  Can McKidd swoop in, improve Grey’s and show up Dempsey again?  If anyone can, I think it’s him.

Then again...

Then again...


Marc, surely you can’t disagree?




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