Proposition 8. What is Wrong With People?


vote-no-redI know that everything that could be said about Prop 8 probably already has been at this point.  I just find myself so incredibly disappointed that it’s becoming difficult to get past.  Frankly, it’s ruining my Obama buzz and that’s really staring to piss me off.  It’s been almost a week since the election and I still can’t reconcile what’s happened here in California.  I’m trying to be tolerant.  I’m trying hard to respect the system.  I understand that a majority vote wins and that Prop 8 got the majority.  My head knows all these things, but my heart still can’t quite grasp what’s going on.  

I get that this isn’t technically my battle.  I’m a married, white, middle class woman.  I don’t experience a lot of prejudice in my daily life and with the exception of a little gender bias, I cannot speak from any first hand experience.  With that said, I was taught to stick up for people who have been beaten down.  I was taught to stand up for what’s right and to say when I think there has been an injustice.  I believe everyone should have certain civil rights.  And I especially believe once those rights have been given to you, they should NOT be taken away. So I’m doing what I can.  I’m going to join in on the rallys and sign every petition I see.  I will try to convince anyone I meet to do what’s right.  In the meantime, what I really want to know is why.

Prop 8 supporters, who are you?  Are you my neighbors?  Do we share (smoggy) air?  Do we sit next to each other at the movies?  Was that you at the other table last night at dinner? Oh my god, do we work together?

Why would you do this?  

I’m sick and tired of religion and “morality” playing a part in politics and legislation.  I am not one tiny bit interested in what your bible says about my lifestyle or anyone else’s.  I’m super glad it works for you.  If you need it, then by all means have at it, I will not stand in your way.  In some ways, I’ll even be in awe of your ability to have faith in it.  I will respect you for it.  My problem comes in when you try to make me live my life by your rules.  When you try and impose your beliefs on those people that I love most in this world.  When you make good, kind people feel bad about who they love because you think there is something wrong with it. Hell, when you make bad people feel bad about who they love, I have a problem with that too.  When you try and influence the law with your religious teachings.  It just isn’t your business. If we wanted your help with our morality, we would attend your weekly meetings.  Until then, leave us and the laws of this land, alone.

Tell me what you lost when the Supreme Court of California overturned the ban on gay marriage?  It doesn’t make your marriage any less valid or invalid, does it?  Ah, yes, the restoring TRADITIONAL marriage plea. If that’s the real issue, why draw the line on gay marriage?  If it’s the institution of marriage that needs protecting, start with straight people.  We’re doing a fine job making a mockery of marriage on our own.  Are you going to try and make it illegal for straight people to divorce next?  What about adultery?  Should someone go to jail for cheating because your teachings tell you it’s wrong?  Because it seems to me that we might have a lot of people from the “moral” high ground, including pastors and preachers, in the clink, if that happens.  

You know, you can think homosexuality is wrong.  I don’t actually care.  I think you’re wrong, but I suspect that doesn’t matter to you.  Is this really about “protecting California’s children”? Are you worried your children might find out about gay people?  Um, I hate to break it to you but they will anyway.  Just like they will find out about all the other things that are LEGAL that you presumably find morally objectionable like pornography, alcohol, tobacco and profanity.  That is your problem.  That is your job.  That’s the deal you make when you decide to have a child (or ten).  It’s your responsibility to teach them what to believe in.  I don’t like it one bit that you would turn away from jesus’s teachings of love and peace by promoting intolerance, but I would never attempt to regulate what you do with your loved ones in your own home.  And I guess that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

The good news for us is, I suspect that you haven’t heard the end of this.  California is a big place and over 47% of us think you’re crazy, so buckle up and be prepared for a fight.  

For those of you against Prop 8 in California, sign up for No on Prop 8 updates here and check here regularly to find out how you can join a rally.


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5 Responses to “Proposition 8. What is Wrong With People?”

  1. Leigh Meyer Says:


  2. David Says:

    Jamie, you are a treasure, and I’ll always cherish you for this; your words are better than mine on the subject. But, you are right, I’m ready to fight, and as one friend said to me, no matter if being gay is a choice or not, our CIVIL RIGHTS are being violated.

  3. The Mudslinger Says:

    It’s not about love and commitment to them, just control, power, and fear. It always has been, because to control the masses (pun not intended), they need those, because they have forgotten the positive message of love.

    It really shows just how pathetic and pitiful they are.

    And I’m a married straight father supporting same-gender marriage, too!

  4. Tammy Says:

    It’s like I just read something I wrote…but I didn’t. Couldn’t have said it better…

  5. The Epiphany « ORD to LAX Says:

    […] of state churches funding Prop 8 in California. I had a lot to say about Prop 8 after the election, so I’m going to mostly spare you all now.  I’m so angry about this […]

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