Obligatory mention of Halloween and Elections


So Jamie,

How was your Halloween? Were you in the ‘hurst or West Hollywood? I felt I really couldn’t do a blog and not post something regarding Halloween or the election, though does anyone want to really hear about either. I’ll be quick. 

chad, gred, marc, brad, bradley

chad, gred, marc, brad, bradley

Friday I went out with Brad, Chad, Bradley, Greg, and Patrick as a group Halloween project: 80’s Icons. Brad and I were Top/Bottom Gun, Chad- Adam Ant, Greg- George Michael, Bradley -the best Richard Simmons ever, and Patrick, he was the documentarian of it all.  While Brad and I went for the gay male equivelent of slutty chearleader or Playboy bunny, and Greg and Chad clearly gave the 80’s Icon theme the most effort, Bradley Spear stole it with Richard!! We had folks shouting from windows at him and posing every 2 minutes. It was seriously like being with Richard Simmons, but you’re pretty sure Bradley was not going to slip ‘G’ into your Mountain Dew. After the parade we met up with a ton of friends at Scarlet including your pal Rob Lindley as big tall Orphan Annie, Jake S. as a naughty Boy Scout (see gay slutty cheerleader syndrome above), our friend Gus (who needs nothing to make him look hot and trampy) and the ever seductive Bil Ingraham as Jamiroquai (by now you’ve clicked on the links and have a visual!) .  Much fun was had, large cocktails were swallowed, yadda yadda yadda I had the bisque. 

So, Obama’s looking like a winner. Awesome. Please let it end soon and the lines be short. I can’t take one more moment of republican rule. All I want to say to round this out is my love goes to Becky, Doug, Jim, Jon, Gus and all my unbelievably giving friends who worked so hard so this country has a fighting chance to end this tyranny and move on. And lets all take a moment for those also-rans who gave it all so B.O. could get this far: Hillary, Bill R, Biden, and even Edwards. You’re my 1-4 choices, even though I still love me some Barack. 

Hope you all have a happy voting day!


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One Response to “Obligatory mention of Halloween and Elections”

  1. David Says:

    I miss Halloween in Chicago. Great costumes, as always. Creative to a T and as gay as Rip Taylor.

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