The Interweb at 32,000 Feet




As you know, I fly a lot.  A lot, a lot.  As of August of this year, I was Executive Platinum on American Airlines (100,000+ miles).  I know from flying.  So imagine my surprise a few months ago when I hopped on my flight from Boston to LA and noticed these weird young people with green polo shirts on my plane. They were sitting in coach, so I didn’t pay them any attention at first. Then after the captain turned off the seatbelt sign they started moving about the cabin.  Before I had a chance to complain about interlopers crossing over into my class of service, I overheard them explaining their presence to another flier.  They work for a company called GoGo and GoGo offers in-flight wireless internet access. Whoa.

So instead of telling on them to the flight attendants, I flagged them down.  

“Explain this magical internet to me.” I said.

“Well, Al Gore had this idea.  He was definitely thinking big…” the man-child replied.

“Not that story, fool. The No Go thing.” 

“Got it. It’s pretty simple ma’am.  Just open up your wire–.” he said.

“–Don’t call me ma’am.” I snapped.

“Jeez OK, open up your wireless device and choose our network. Launch your browser and follow the prompts.” he instructed.

“That’s it?” I wondered.

“That’s it.” He said.

“I don’t need to pass some special anti-terrorist TSA test?”

“Nope.  You can start using the internet now.” 

“That doesn’t seem safe.” 

But apparently it is safe and cool as hell.  Don’t get me wrong, I categorically refuse to work on airplanes.  It is the only time during the work week that I get to be alone.  Truly unreachable and alone. Not to mention the fact that it’s cramped, I’m usually exhausted and it is not an environment conducive to generating a quality product. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty difficult for me to do anything right after several cocktails. However, being able to use the internet on a transcontinental flight is a great perk.  I can look at blogs, catch up on news and even stream stolen movies all from the comfort of my seat. For $12,95, that’s pretty awesome!  Now if I could just get them to replace the flight attendants with people who HAVE personalities, I would be golden.




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4 Responses to “The Interweb at 32,000 Feet”

  1. m000se Says:

    i’m all for it! that’s great. but i’m still not supporting cell phones on flights. no way!

    by the by, a week with no smokey. 🙂

  2. David Says:

    I could of used this when I went to Chicago in September. Man, I would’ve learned my flight was delayed 4 hours before I landed.

    Praise Jebus!

    On another note, were any of these GoGo people cute? Not that it matters. Just asking.

  3. Jamie Says:

    I will quit my job if people can use their cellphones on fights. It is truly the only time I make myself totally unavailable to my clients. It’s the only breather I get.

    Dave, yes, the man-child was cute, but the green polo brought him down a couple notches!

  4. ashleyrocks Says:

    Wow that’s crazy. SWA was supposed to be spearheading the inflight wireless a few months back but apparently there are glitches to be worked out.

    Sorry ’bout the f/a’s on AA, maybe one day I’ll getchya on my flight!

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