I’m over you, Bill G



This is for you, Microsoft!

This is for you, Microsoft!

Alright Jamie. You win. I’ve just about had it with Microsoft. I’ve been a long time PC guy and have always defended my use amongst the growing Macworld, but this is it. As a faithful PC guy, I downloaded the new IE 8.2 Beta so I can stay abreast and it is as crippling as Vista (which I refuse to get). Most websites I I go to are missing things or are being blocked and when I tried to get a plug in to fix it, it doesn’t work. Something is not set right and I shouldn’t have to work so hard and search through unreadable help pages to figure it out.

Compound this with the fact that I’ve had 6 MP3 players and the one that outlasted all of them was my iPod (sorry, its not the one you picked out for me years ago, I broke that one). All the rest, PC based.

I’m in the market for my own Macbook or Laptop PC for work, but not sure how compatible a Mac is with all my work stuff. I’ll have to do some research and find out. If I can, I’m going Mac with my next one. You’ve lose a good friend, Bill Gates, and may have gained a powerful enemy. 

This blog has been typed up on Safari for the first time. Good bye IE, I won’t miss you. 




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One Response to “I’m over you, Bill G”

  1. Stan Says:

    Hello…that’s why it’s called a beta. All faithful MSFTers know that you should never be the first to try any Windows product. Let other experience the misery and wait until the first major update of the product before installing.

    As for your MP3 players…that’s hardware vendor quality issues.

    Written on my Macbook,


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