Crush of the Moment/Retrocrush: Rick Rossovich


Sorry Jamie. I’ve been bad about posting with the most hectic schedule for the past few weeks I’ve had in my life. So, until I can actually do some semi-real writing, I thought I’d update our Crush of the Moment posting.

For Halloween, Brad and I are going out with a group to be a group 80’s icon costume. We’re going as the men of top gun along with Jake and Justin, and I’ve pegged my self as, who I consider to be, the hottest of the 4 main men. Not Tom Cruise, or even the ‘handsome for a second’ Val Kilmer. I’m going out as Rick Rossovich!

top gun beach scene

top gun beach scene

Was I the only one who only had eyes for Rick? Easily the prettiest and straightest one in the bunch and he didn’t have Tom Cruise’s freakish concave chest!

You may have forgotten Rick, but i followed him a bit as he co-starred in Roxanne with Steve Martin where he was even hotter than in TG, and most recently he did a show called Pacific Blue. Asking me to recall the plotline is fruitless as I was only watching him go from hottie to saltnpepper fox!

If you’re curious as to his goings on check out his blog. He doesn’t really act, but works on properites he invested in. Sadly ladies and ladies, he’s still hetro and loves his wife and kids. Why do the straights get him, and we get Hobbit Cruise!?

Well, Rick, even thought you look like a crazy homeless man now, we’ll always have the 80’s.

(thanks for some of the pics:



4 Responses to “Crush of the Moment/Retrocrush: Rick Rossovich”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Oh my little baby jesus. Ladies and ladies indeed. You are the gayest gay who ever gayed…and I love it.

  2. Stan Says:

    Thought I was the only one who thought this guy was hot. Ever since watching the volleyball scene in Top Gun. YEEOWW!!

  3. schiller2de Says:


    sehr guter Beitrag über Rick Rossovich – gefällt mir.


  4. BBMAnonymous Says:

    He’s so hot! And he is gorgeous even now! I’d really like get old like him: he is 52 years old and looks freaking sexy!

    P.S.: He has an extremely hot butt!

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