I understand a bit more than you, but not by much



You always come up with the best ideas for blogging, and as usual, there so good, I have to reply to your some-things-i-dont-understand posting (totally with you on the bra straps. So tacky).

1. Bless You: People will stop everything they do, even a nationwide conference call, to say Bless You after someone sneezes. Why? Originally folks thought that evil spirits could enter your body when you sneezed so Bless You was a stop gap to keep the ghosts from going up your nose. But in this day and age, do I really need God’s blessing because a gnat flew up there? Stop it. Just Stop it!!! I refuse to say it. I’ll reserve my blessing for people I see in November with an I Voted label on there jacket!

2. Reply All Junkies: I have a number of friends and coworkers that when given a mass email with some innocuous info meant to either just read over, forward, or reply to sender, seem to think that their opinion is SO important and profound, my Aunt Betsy needs to know. If you know every single person on the email and we ask for your input, great! Fabulous. But Reply All is a something to be used sparingly when asked. You want to voice your opinion to all, stand on a street corner or get a blog like everyone else.

The band, not the burlesque show

The band, not the burlesque show

3. The popularity of The Pussycat Dolls, Nicolas Cage, ShamWow, Jay Leno, Peeps, Anne Rice, People Magazine, Twitter, Prison Break on Fox, and queens that still think frosted tips and highlights are a good idea. No other comment that’s never been said, I just don’t get it frankly. And I’m not providing links for any of these abominations.

gaypub4. Gay Republicans. Really? Really. What kind of low self esteem bitch do you have to be to put a tax break over your right to be with the one you love and get basic civil rights? Every Log Cabin Repub I’ve ever met has been a single, lonely, bitter, man (Cheney’s daughter is the only lezpublican) who has to pay for sex and spends his spare time lashing out at dems and paying for sex. Oh, and by the by, any republican in office would shake your hand then make a homophobic remark when you’re out of the room. And most likely that same Neo-Con would proposition you for a hand job in the toilet later.

And there’s allot else I don’t get, but I usally put them out of my mind as I cross them day to day.


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3 Responses to “I understand a bit more than you, but not by much”

  1. Jamie Says:

    WORD. I hate peeps!

    Except twitter. You’re wrong there.

  2. David Says:

    Oh, oh, oh, oh can I add Us Weekly, Okay Magazine and all variations of People -the country and Latino one also?

  3. I Think You’re Wrong « ORD to LAX Says:

    […] know I love you as much as my luggage, but I think you’re wrong, wrong, wrong about Twitter. I can see your point.  It does seem silly and tedious.  But once you dive in and get going, it […]

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