Shameless Plug: Caroline, Or Change



Brad, George, Justin, Jake and I just got done seeing Court Theater’s production of Tony Kushner’s Caroline, Or Change of which our friend Doug was the musical director and our friend Rob Lindley played the grief stricken father of the house.

I’m by no means a theater expert, critic or even a goer most of the time, but the production was so even and beautiful, with amazingly moving performances by all. I cannot recommend it enough. In short its about a broken Jewish family, where after the mom’s death, the young boy (Kushner) only feels attached to his angry housekeeper, Caroline. Its a great study of the civil rights movement in the south right as JFK is shot with some pretty even handed points of view. And the music is a mix of all the tunes of the time: Motown, gospel, klezmer, pop and jazz.

Big congrats to the E. Faye Butler as a perfect Caroline but mostly to my pals Rob Lindley with this somber, heartbreaking roll as the dad who just lost the love of his life and has disconnected from everyone around him and to Doug Peck, who, as always brings this subtle, organic feel to everything he does. The music truly feels like a cast member and sinks into your conscience the entire time ebbing and flowing the audience’s feelings. Bravo to you both!

If you have a chance this month, drive, don’t walk to Caroline or Change at the Court on U of C campus. I have a feeling this production is moving on up and out to biggert things.


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2 Responses to “Shameless Plug: Caroline, Or Change”

  1. doug peck Says:

    marc: thanks so much for coming and thanks for these lovely words. hope i get to see you soon!

  2. commentater Says:

    I just finished reading the script. My memory of the wonderful Court Theater production enhanced every word.

    Is there a CD available of ” Caroline, or Change” with Chicago cast, or at least E. Faye Butler?


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