Birthday Sunday!


Hey Jamie,

Was so amazing having you and our pal Dave in both coincidentally on my birthday! I’m a lucky boy. I’m not going to go on too much about the weekend since you were there, but to recap, my actual birthday day, Sunday started off with a champagne brunch at Angelina Ristorante in Lakeview ( The brunch is delicious, but nothing to different to blog about, but the fun part was local celebrity Amy Armstrong ( who was hosting that day got the whole restaurant to sing to me. Lovely. I was five shades of red, but happy.

Then after  workout and disco nap, the main core of gays met up at Crew Sports bar ( to get some eats and beer. You were there!!

A great low key time was had by all and I never was without a free beer. I knew the night was ramping up when 2 of my cute boys bought me shots at 5pm. Yea! Thanks Chip and Doug, you sexy beasts.

Then, on to the condo where my bf, BK, brought out my favorite cake in the universe, Janine’s cake from Taste of Heaven: 3 layers of vanilla cake with fresh berries stuffed in between and covered with white chocolate and a butter cream icing that would make Paula Dean moist.

After my sugar coma and more booze, we headed to Showtunes night at sidetrack where another 25 or so boys were waiting to by my more and more cocktails. It gets a bit blurry there, and thank god for that. Jamie, you were there, you witnessed, you know. : )

Huge thanks to my amazing amazing friends who came out. I am so amazingly grateful to have gotten to know such top notch folks. I’m so blessed.

Stay tuned next year as I turn 40! Watch out men and women of Chicago!


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