Lazy Sundays in Chicago


Hello there,

You’ll be glad to know that I’ve recovered from my Friday night drinking binge. I’ve never been too much of a drinker, but there are occasions where I temporarily lose my mind. Friday was one of those times.  Four beers, five bourbon and gingers… wasted.  It took most of the day Saturday, but I managed to pick myself up and am ready for your birthday celebration.  I think it’s mostly because of the weather (and copious amounts of diet coke).  

It’s impossible to be in the dumps on a beautiful late summer day in Chicago.  I know me some gorgeous weather.  I live in Los Angeles where it is perfect 98% of the time. But Chicago, oh, Chicago in September is something to experience.  Warm sunny days, cool crisp nights.  It’s almost enough to make you forget the frozen tundra of December/January/February/March/April.  Almost, but not quite, because if you’ve ever experienced an el platform at 6am on a -10 degree windchill morning, you will never forget it. Ever.



As a matter of fact, it was such a morning that I decided to high-tail it out of here and move to LA.  I was at the Blue Line stop at Damen and I was wearing the ugliest down coat known to man.  The color was “raspberry” and it went from the top of my head to my ankles.  It was so fugly, that It is the single article of clothing in our relationship that Andrew refused to be seen with me in.  With such a sacrifice of fashion you would have thought it was warm and cozy.  Not a chance.  Even that coat with all it’s thinsulate glory could not protect me.  That’s when I realized it was a losing battle.  I could never be comfortable in Chicago winter weather.  Some people aren’t bothered by it.  For me It was impossible to get over.  So after 28 years, I set my sights on warmer climes leaving all my family and friends behind. 

And here we are.  I’ve been in LA over 2 1/2 years.  I’m thrilled with the climate when I actually get to spend extended time there, but I do get urges for Chicago right around this time every year.  Indian Summer they used to call it when we were kids.  I don’t know what people call it now, but I think it’s magic.

I hope you’re enjoying the weather and having a lovely birthday weekend so far.  I will see you later today at your party, old man!



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