The Big Gay Wedding

While I know 3 other couples of the same sex who are married, this was my first gay wedding.
boys at the alter

boys at the alter


My friends Tony and Kelly were wed this weekend by a minister on the DL and the Mayor of Saugatuck in an outdoor/tent wedding. These boys met at a Starbucks just 3 months after Brad and I met so we’ve really watched them grow with us. So it was very moving to see them get what they’ve always dreamed of.

Unlike myself (stern German with no yearning for babies or weddings), they’ve always wanted the dream wedding, and they got it, minus the 12″ of rain. They went all out with a super sized tent, campgrounds, live band with stage and soundsystem, swanky catering and over 100 guests from around the country.

The boys wrote their own vows following 2 of the party telling wonderfully moving stories about them. They kept it short and sweet with only two moments of losing it. After the ceremony, I DJed the cocktail hour with a mix of oldies and bossa nova/electronica. Then, the drama kicked in. Tony wanted a funk band. Not a small order in SW Michigan, but they got a great one. Only downside is the keyboard player decided to take a super size hit of smack 2 hours before the wedding and basically went all coma in the cabin. After no luck reviving him and with threats from Tony (who is Spanish and from Queens, so don’t mess with him!), they got a replacement keyboardist who turned it out! Dancing ensued, keyboardist were fired!

Big shout out to Drew, who was my stand in date since Brad had to work, and my friend Deb who drove with me.  I’ve known both about 8 years, when we all (including Tony) worked for Borders. Only Drew remains. Drew and I stayed at Chateau de Mike and Steve, good friends of mine who we took a trip with to Montreal last year. They were the best hosts and have a gorgeous summer home in Douglas. Big kiss to them for putting up with us.

me, drew, and deb...none drunk enough

me, drew, and deb...none drunk enough

Overall, it was a great experience and Tony even managed to crank out a brunch just 12 hours after the reception! I highly encourage anyone who is invited to attend a same sex ceremony. Because we have to fight for it, there’s so much more passion and tears than your traditional hetero one. Go get a gay friend or 2 today if you don’t have one.

Jamie, sorry to disappoint you, but if  you want to see Brad and I get hitched, you’ll have to through us a surprise wedding.


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