Listen, rinse and repeat. repeat. repeat.



One of the greatest days of my life was in 1992.  My dad bought me a new stereo system.  It wasn’t my first CD player, but it was the first one I had with a repeat button.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  I abused that button so much that it was the first thing to break on the stereo more than 8 years later.  In recent years, I haven’t gotten much use out of the repeat function.  I think I just grew up.  I guess I started to understand the beauty of a well distributed playlist.  Oh, sure, occasionally a song will come along that I’ll have to play multiple times in a row for old time’s sake, but nothing extended past 2 or 3 plays.  Until now. 

I think I’m in hot sweaty lust love.

I have the last Kings of Leon album.  I really liked it.  I listened religiously for about a month until I was distracted by something new, which is a high mark for me.  I knew that another album was in the pipeline for this fall, but it wasn’t really on my radar yet. And then I heard this:

Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire 

Whoa.  Holy Crap, Whoa.  This is how I feel every time I listen (on repeat, of course).  I can’t decide what part I like more.  Is it the bass line?  The vocals?  The lyrics?  Is it the fact that the song makes me feel giddy and REALLY dirty all at the same time?  It’s like sex for your ears!  Clearly I’m not a music critic, but there is something about this track. 

You and I usually agree on these things.  What do you think? 

Playcount of 38 and counting,




* I must admit, I didn’t come by this song naturally.  I wish I could take credit, but I learned about it through Heather Armstrong at Dooce.  She tweeted about Sex on Fire so many times that I had to stop and listen. Thank you Dooce.


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2 Responses to “Listen, rinse and repeat. repeat. repeat.”

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