Josh Homme – Crush of the Moment


OK, so folk reading this must think that we have a red-head thing. OK, we kinda do, but its just one facet. As coming posts will show, I love rocker/rockabilly boys, art guys, bald men, Anderson Cooper/Powersuit types, and especially big beefy ones who look like they could kill me. The threat of death is a power pheromone. So, as my last temptation of the ginger…Josh Homme

You may or may not know Josh as the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age or The Eagles of Death Metal. Or that guys who stole the wife of the dude from Rancid. I just know him as a dreamy 6’5″ ginger who rocks out with Dave Grohl and looks stunning whilst doing so. While, once again he may be “the straight”, I still hold out hope that one day those slutty, saggy titted groupies (and wife) will start all looking the same and come discover the flavor of Marc-Country. MMMM
Next post, I promise, polar opposite.

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2 Responses to “Josh Homme – Crush of the Moment”

  1. Katie Lunden Says:

    Hahaha. Yes, you and your redhead crushes! By the way, I thought of you tonight whilst watching a few episodes of my lame, but guilty pleasure show from the 90’s, “Felicity.” Coincidentally, your other redheaded crush (in your previous redheaded crush blog) was on the show. 😉

  2. Them Crooked Vultures: Like They Need Our Help… « DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE Says:

    […] though the combined awesomeness of Dave Grohl, Josh “Someday I’ll Marry Marc Moder” Homme, and Led Zepplin’s John Paul Jones doesn’t need my help to sell a billion CDs of their […]

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