I Miss You.


I miss you terribly.  It’s painful not having my best friend with me here.  I feel it all the time.  When I want to share a new song and it’s too late to call.  While I watch Project Runway, ANTM, or anything even remotely gay on TV and need to be catty.  When the urge to drink heavily hits me and no one wants to go out.  When I see some random-ass B actor pumping gas and you’re the only other person on earth who would recognize him. All of these times are important moments in my life, but I have never felt the hole in my heart so acutely as I did tonight.  Tonight I went and did something that made me miss you more than ever before. More than I thought possible.  

I went to Gay Night at the local Roller Rink.  Yes, I said Gay Night at the local roller rink.  It was an occasion so awesome in its absurdness that I can hardly believe it happened without you.  Who knew such things existed? (I bet you did–hold out!)


Skating Pride

Skating Pride

I don’t even know if you skate.  I don’t care. Who else could appreciate all the sweaty men standing around sucking on concession stand popsicles like we would?  What about the moment when the most talented skater in the place tried to put his hand in another guy’s back pocket and he lost his balance and went careening into the wall?  Comic gold! I mean, my straight friends didn’t even notice it when the whole place collectively gasped as “Xanadu” started playing.  I requested George Michael’s “Fastlove” at one point and it practically fell on deaf ears–Alright maybe this is an exaggeration.  It was Gay Night afterall.  But it wasn’t the same thing as having you there.  

Sigh. These are the times when the sacrifice of moving halfway across the country is really put into perspective for me. Could it possibly be worth it?

Saving the next couple skate for you,



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