Well, my week is not so interesting…


…outside the horrendously bland VMA’s, no celebrities this week. What the hell happpened to MTV and why has there been no other channel to steal its thunder? The VMA’s are dull. dull. dull. dull. And I’m almost 40. I can’t imagine how ick they are to real children, not just gays who dress as such. But I won’t get into it. Read another blog for that.

This past weekend was German American Fest in Lincoln Square. Both Friday and Saturday nights we drank about a gallon and a half of Hoff Brau and ate 3 brats and 2 pretzels. Healthy! And both nights in bed by 10pm! Then Sunday the predictable trip to Sidetrack for Sunday Showtunes. Fun.

Yesterday, however was not fun. Double root canal! Spent 2 hours in a chair having a lovely lady dentist clean out my insides of my molars 30 and 31. Look, all better.

see my shiny molars!

see my shiny molars! normal, non biting marc to counterbalance last pic.

The upside is Vicodin!! I was high as a kite last night. Yea! And I’ve got 15 left if anyone wants to come over.

And then this weekend coming up is my first gay wedding. Tony and Kelly are getting hitched in Saugatuck. More to come on that!
What do you have coming up? You in Chicago soon?

4 Responses to “Well, my week is not so interesting…”

  1. Eddie Says:

    I had a root canal done recently. Two different trips and over an hour each. Now I need a crown and I used up all my insurance on having the root canal AND a crown lengthening surgery (they cut a piece of my gum away so a crown will fit…yuck) so just as soon as I have an extra grand lying around I have to do that. God bless the U.S.A. and it’s health care costs.

    On the upside, I’m pretty sure I have more than 15 vicodin.

  2. m000se Says:

    Did you sign up for your partner’s insurance as a suppliment? I did that with Brad’s and they use both to pay for it.

  3. Katie Lunden Says:

    I desperately need to go to the dentist and I’m not liking these dentist/teeth scare tactics you two! I’ll take your Vicodin though. 🙂

  4. Tony Says:

    You KNOW i want some of them left over V’s!

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