Canada is…Different.



The Toronto film festival was pretty uneventful. There were some bright spots, though.  The hotel we stayed at is unbelievable.  As you know, I stay at a lot of hotels and the Hazelton was stellar.  I would recommend it to anyone taking a trip to Toronto.  

The Lobby of the Hazelton

The Lobby of the Hazelton

It appears that Kate Hudson was in the room next to mine.  She’s so cute.  She didn’t make any weird noises, thank god. That could have been AWKWARD.  I didn’t see a ton of people because I spent most of the time working in my room, but we had dinner next to Alan Alda (classy!), ran into Zac Efron in the lobby and exchanged hellos with Julianne Moore on the street.  Weirdly, Zac had about 100 times more makeup on than Julianne.  She looked way younger.  My colleague ran into Colin Firth at the Four Seasons.  I wasn’t with her, but I was super jealous (fortunately, I was lucky enough to have a Colin sighting at Sundance this year, so I didn’t have to go stand in the hotel lobby for two days). All the other fools you saw in the news kept pretty hidden.

We were in the busiest part of town on Yorkville Ave and it was hopping.  People would sit outside our hotel for hours to try and catch a glimpse of me a celebrity.  This was across the street during a slow time:


Waiting for cool people in the rain

Waiting for cool people in the rain


9 1/2 Centuries

9 1/2 Centuries

I did get the chance to go to one screening.  It was for The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke.  Yes, he’s bat-shit.  Yes, he looks like his face has been through a food processor.  Yes, his hair is like spaghetti.  BUT his performance was outstanding in this film.  I really liked it.  Forget the fact that I had to leave 10 minutes before it ended.  Everything else I saw was really quite masterful.  I can see why it just won the Golden Lion at Venice.  I really hope they get a North American distributer.  Mostly because I would like to see the ending, but I also really love a comeback story.

Everyone always says that Toronto is like Chicago.  I can see that BUT, there’s something a little different.  Everything in Canada is just a bit off.  At restaurants the service is about 3-4 minutes too slow.  Not slow enough to complain, but slow enough to be annoying.  Stores have a weird mix of merchandise.  Cab drivers take you in circles. Hotel employees are only as accommodating as they need to be at that moment. It might have been a product of the film festival and it certainly didn’t ruin my idea of Toronto, but it was obviously not the same as here.  It’s like Chicago in an alternative universe.  With that said, the city is lovely and I would come back anytime (except during TIFF!)

What’s your week look like?



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