Unrequited Redhead Syndrome



How I suffer.  I had a monster crush on a boy in high school.  I luuuurved him, and he had red hair.   Nothing ever happened between us, but his presence in my life is still felt daily.  Why, you ask?  Because I still love redheads.  I think they’re adorable, special and supremely hot.  Since Mr. Jamie is decidedly not a redhead, I had been left to suffer through these powerful crushes alone…until I met you.

With all that said, you’ve told me about your Dash Mihok obsession before and I can sort of see it, but I think have a better specimen.  I see your Dash and raise you a Damian. Behold:


Pass me the ginger!

Pass me the ginger!

Damian Lewis.  Maybe this is one of those gay men/straight girl disagreements for all time, but there is something seriously happening about him.  Plus he has an english accent!  What’s not to love?  Lewis is one of those yo-yo actors that I love so much.  British mini-series to US main stream and back again. Before last year, his most notable role was Sgt. Winters in Band of Brothers.  His work on that miniseries was so masterful I cannot believe that Hollywood wasn’t beating down his door.  But alas, he ended up with small roles in American films and back to Britain for more things that I had to search for like a crazy stalker.  Like this remake of Shakespeare’s, Much Ado About Nothing:

Much ado about Something, if you ask me.  Most recently Lewis has been gracing the small screen on NBC’s, Life.  Part procedural, party quirky character study, Life was my favorite find of the new TV season last year (and not just because of Lewis).  I was thrilled when it survived the writer’s strike this spring for another season.  I’m eagerly awaiting the premiere later this month so I can get my weekly dose of ginger.

I know I will never get you off your Dash, but perhaps I can bring other redheads into your Life?




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