first crush of the moment: Dash Mihok




We’ve talked about our odd celebrity crushes since we met in the 90’s. I wanted to kick off my contribution to this hopefully ongoing posting by sharing one of my longest and deepest crushes, the disgustingly straight, and phenominally sexy Dash Mihok

Loving Dash has been a battles since 1) he’s impossible to explain who he is to strangers 2) he’s never gotten that big break in movies, always either leading in straight to DVD/indies (Superheroes, Telling You) or 3rd banana in a major film (I Am Legend, Day After Tomorrow, Romeo + Juliet, Hollywoodland, Connie and Carla). He tends to be the big handsome lug with the red hair quietly supporting others. But he stands out like a leading man to me. 

I’ve seen most everything he’s been in, but his big standouts are Connie and Carla where he made out with Bobby Canavale, Pushing Daisies (the Windmill episode), and the bad guy in Romeo + Juliet.

But the sexiest thing ever is when he showed his soft side in Alanis Morrisette’s video for So Pure, who he was dating at the time.


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    […] IT. I’m obsessed with Tolkien, Kylie Minogue, Tim Burton films, Pushing Daisies, and the works of Dash Mihok but you don’t see me going on and on about it! Nope. I just stick to topics folks can easily digest: American Idol, Meet the Press, TMZ, and Tool […]

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