I’m back!

16 hours before we had to evacuate

16 hours before we had to evacuate

Hi Jamie and anyone out there in cyberspace,

I’m back in Chicago after a short 36 hour trip to New Orleans with my Brad and 2 of our friends Cliff and Dave. We went for the debaucherous Southern Decadance festival which happens every Labor Day weekend. Its like a Pride fest with less Pride, more shame. Shamefest! On a normal weekend there’d be lots of semi clothed boys wandering the streets with 32 oz big gulps of frozen Hurricanes for 4 days. But instead we got a day and a half of the kind of mild fun you get on a Friday in Boyztown in Chicago. And though it was underattended as compared to the 90’s/pre-Katrina, we were with our friends and ready to party at least till the storm was to hit on Monday.

On the second night, Friday, just as we were getting our drink on, our friends called us from the hotel to tell us we had 10 hours to evacuate. The worst part of that was our flight left on Sunday night, the hotel was closing down at 8am on Saturday! And worse than that…all booze to stop flowing in the city at Noon!

So we rushed back, changed our flights (way to go AA) and shipped out at 7:30am. The city was in such shutdown mode that they were barracing the entrance as our limo pulled up and they told us if we went out of the hotel there was no way to get back in. Luckily we made it to the airport on time, got to our gate and with little muss or fuss, got back to Chicago by 4pm, where Brad was thrilled to crack open his MRE kit he got at the airport. Naughty.

We did manage to round up our friends who were in town and have a great relaxed, slightly drunken weekend in Chicago. Yea, friends!!

How about you? What did you do for Labor Day Weekend?


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